Why Buy a Wagner Meter?

Why Buy a Wagner Meter?

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Our Best Wood Moisture Meter If you’re shopping for a moisture meter, there’s a good chance someone told you to consider a Wagner meter. And with good reason. Wagner moisture meters are valued around the world for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. If you surveyed professional woodworkers, furniture makers, musical instrument makers, flooring installers, quality […]

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Woodworker Peter Parfitt Finds Satisfaction in Helping Others

By Ron Smith in Wood Shop Wood Division Knowledge Base | 6 Comments

When renowned woodworker Peter Parfitt was six growing up in Bournemouth, an English coastal town, his father gave him a piece of 2×4, a 4” nail, and an old hammer. With that he fashioned a pretend radio . . . beginning a lifelong passion for woodworking. Though his father was a part-time carpenter who gave […]

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What Do These Moisture Meter Readings Mean?

By Ron Smith in Moisture Content Wood Division Knowledge Base | 5 Comments

Anyone who works with wood – woodworking professionals, wood flooring installers, furniture or cabinet manufacturers, instrument manufacturers, and even building inspectors – must know its moisture content (MC). MC of wood is defined as the ratio of weight of the water in the piece of wood to the weight of the piece of wood without […]

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Building Inspectors Brace for Anticipated El Niño Flooding

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Meteorologists forecast a massive El Niño weather system will hit California later this year, extending through the Southwest to the Carolinas and parts of the East Coast. This may seem like welcome news for California, especially as it suffers through its worst drought in a millennium, but state emergency officials worry that heavy rains will […]

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Home Inspection Tools: Why a Moisture Meter Is Essential

By Ron Smith in Tools Building Inspection | 1 Comment

Not all home inspectors have identical industry knowledge. Credentials and licensing may vary depending on which state you live in, but the recommended tools, moisture meters, supplies, and standards of practice, will help clarify what a home inspector should look for during an inspection. Even though we have tried to provide detail, this article does […]

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The Building Inspector’s Toolkit – What’s in Your Belt?

By Ron Smith in Moisture Meters Wood Division Knowledge Base Building Inspection | 8 Comments

Being thorough means being prepared. Make sure your building inspector toolkit includes these tools. Building codes and standards are constantly changing. They certainly vary from town to town. Regardless of any specific building code, you need the full scope of the right tools in your building inspection toolkit to get your job done well. Here’s […]

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How to Find and Control Mold in a Home or Business

By Ron Smith in Moisture Meters Wood Division Knowledge Base | 25 Comments

You may be wondering if your home or business has a mold problem. If you already know the building has a mold problem you’ll need to know how to get rid of it and keep it from ever returning. Mold thrives in moist and warm environments which means wet or humid areas are prime locations. […]

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10 More Top Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

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Last year, Wagner Meters wrote about the top 40 tools no woodworker should be without. Now, in 2015, we’re bringing you 10 more essential tools that will help make any job easier, safer, and more efficient. 1. Dust collector Since breathing wood dust is considered a serious health risk, tool manufacturers are introducing affordable dust […]

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Seasonal Transitions Impact More than Kiln Drying Schedules

By Ron Smith in Industry Information for Lumber Companies & Kiln Dryers Kiln Drying | 0 Comment

For lumber mills in Canada, seasonal transitions play an enormous role in the treatment of the log resource to be dried, and make it necessary to modify kiln-drying schedules. A deep understanding of the characteristics of each species, including sap movement (changes from one season to another), is essential whether the mill is processing hardwood […]

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Wagner Meters to Attend IWF August 2014

By Ron Smith in Wagner Meters Newsroom | 0 Comment

The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta, Georgia hosts a variety of products designed to assist woodworkers in finding the best tools, products and companies for their crafts and professions. Wagner Meters will be attending this year with its line of wood moisture meters for woodworkers, including the popular MMC220.

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Wood Production: Manufacturing & Kiln Drying

By Ron Smith in Forest Products Industry Information for Lumber Companies & Kiln Dryers Kiln Drying | 1 Comment

Lumber mills turn trees into manufactured wood products. Throughout the process, the moisture content (MC) of the wood is an important factor for producer and end user alike. The lumber manufacturing process generally follows these steps: Head Rig: The primary saw cuts the tree into sawn pieces or boards. Edging: Removes irregular edges and defects from […]

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Top 40 Woodworking Tools

By Ron Smith in Moisture Meters Tools / Products Wood Division Knowledge Base | 48 Comments

Every trade has its tools, and woodworking is no different. Any craftsman knows that the right tool for the project is critical in manufacturing a quality end product in a timely manner. Here is a tally of the top 40 tools every woodworker should think about owning: Hand Tools You Must Have Hand tools get […]

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End Grain, Edge Grain, or Face Grain? The Best Wood Uses for Projects

By Ron Smith in All About Wood Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

When embarking on wood projects, it is important to understand the differences in woodcuts, as well as the criticality of moisture measurement and moisture control in your wood. Regarding the wood grain, any piece of lumber has three surfaces: end grain, edge grain, and face grain. End Grain End grain is the grain of wood […]

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Primary Lumber Mills Moisture Measurement

By Ron Smith in Industry Information for Lumber Companies & Kiln Dryers | 0 Comment

We expect lumber to perform as specified, but the importance of measurement and management of lumber moisture content is seldom understood outside the lumber industry. Sawmills must integrate both strict and continuous assessment of lumber moisture at key phases of the manufacturing process in order to optimize the quality of the lumber. Inadequate management of […]

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Wood Species: A Distinct Society

By Ron Smith in Wood Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Wood species fall into two main categories: hardwood and softwood. Then it gets complicated. Builders must assess the woods moisture content (MC) in order to successfully install wood flooring. However, they must adjust or program wood moisture meters for the correct specific gravity setting or species adjustment for the wood species that they are measuring […]

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The Wood Moisture Legacies of Oak

By Ron Smith in Flooring Types Wood Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

Home lovers’ dreams of oak flooring span generations for good reason. It is gorgeous and strong, especially when it is beautifully finished. There are many types of oak sub-species, but red and white oak are commonly used in American woodworking projects. Wood flooring installation always involves moisture content (MC) measurement and management, because all wood […]

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The Tree Next Door: Douglas-Fir

By Ron Smith in Tree / Wood Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Building projects afford wood lovers an opportunity to exercise their tastes. Douglas-fir is popular for many reasons: strength, durability, and longevity. Whether constructing an outdoor gazebo or installing wood floors indoors, moisture content monitoring and control is crucial to the wood’s health. The Douglas-Fir Tree The Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is also known across various regions […]

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Top 40 Woodworking Tools Page 4

By Ron Smith in Tools / Products Wood Division Knowledge Base | 29 Comments

#33: The Router. Every woodworker should have a router. With the router, you can shape the edges of your work. The variety of shapes is endless, with the various bits available. If you’re a beginner, a stationary base router will do almost everything you need. This will start and end the cut at the same depth that you set before you make the cut.

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Top 40 Woodworking Tools Page 3

By Ron Smith in Tools / Products Wood Division Knowledge Base | 10 Comments

A power tool is, technically, anything that requires electrical power to function. Here, we’ll start with the most humble of power tools. The really good stuff comes later.

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Top 40 Woodworking Tools Page 2

By Ron Smith in Tools / Products Wood Division Knowledge Base | 1 Comment

  CLICK HERE FOR TOOLS 1-10 #11: The Block Plane A block plane is a key to versatility in your woodwork. You can flatten a piece of wood, add a curve to it, or square your work. Shape or chamfer your stock using a block plane. Once you have a piece dovetailed, you can smooth the […]

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Hardwood Floor Acclimation: When Can You Install?

By Ron Smith in Installers Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

Whether hiring contractors or installing wood flooring themselves, homeowners must consider measuring the wood’s moisture content (MC) as one of many installation concerns. There are many moisture meters for wood which assess both the surface moisture conditions and the MC inside the wood. A wood’s MC is addressed beginning with the kiln drying manufacturing process […]

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Sapwood and Heartwood

By Ron Smith in Tree / Wood Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

To achieve high-quality woodworking, knowledge about wood is a must. Projects can succeed or fail based on which part of a tree is used. In particular, it’s important to know the difference between heartwood and sapwood. The Parts of a Tree Knowing how a tree grows sheds light on which part of a tree is […]

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KilnDrying.org: A Primary Forest Products Forum

By Ron Smith in Industry Information for Lumber Companies & Kiln Dryers Kiln Drying | 6 Comments

It is a historic era in which individuals tap into a seemingly endless well of information on almost anything of interest. The pickings are a little slimmer for lumber professionals because their business is so technical. However, the concept of lumber moisture is of colossal importance to the lumber manufacturing industry. New Places to Dig […]

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Is the Mountain Beetle Eating up the Lumber Industry?

By Ron Smith in Industry Information for Lumber Companies & Kiln Dryers Other Topics | 0 Comment

The North American pine beetle epidemic has been fed by fires, droughts, storms, and the wind. Norway encountered a similar kind of outbreak in 1969. Ferocious wind storms felled thousands of spruce pine trees in southeastern Norway, while the country simultaneously experienced its hottest, driest summers since 1840. Since the 1990s, the water tables diminished, […]

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Environmentally Friendly Flooring: Making the Right Choice

By Ron Smith in Flooring Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 1 Comment

With continued interest in environmentally friendly products and practices, it should be no surprise that many wood flooring manufacturers are also looking for products and suppliers that meet their customer’s expectations. Understandably, the notion of “green” wood carries several connotations for the woodworking and wood flooring expert. There are different types of eco-friendly products available […]

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When a Cupped Floor Has Been Rightly Installed

By Ron Smith in Flooring Problems Installers Wood Division Knowledge Base | 26 Comments

There are few wood flooring problems more upsetting than cupped floors. Almost all wood floors will experience some contraction and expansion as the seasons change. Cupping of the wood floor can be a natural reaction to these seasonal moisture changes if they occur to a minor extent. If the cupping is more severe, it could indicate […]

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Wood Projects: Hobby Like a Pro

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Wood projects are as diverse as their builders but some universal truths apply. Your grand vision must be built on strong knowledge of wood species that will be used as well as a clear understanding of the critical role of correct moisture content (MC) in wood. MC and the Surrounding Environment Wood is puzzling. We cut […]

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CEO Ed Wagner Tells His Own Cautionary Flooring Tale

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Occasionally, the great are reminded of their humanity. Over two decades ago, Ed Wagner (heir to the Wagner Meters family legacy) figured it was time to spruce up his home entrance way by installing hardwood flooring in whitewashed oak. So begins the precautionary tale of how even the Head Honcho has to deal with moisture […]

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5 Essentials for the Hobbyist Woodworker

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A wood hobbyist immerses himself or herself in a world of wood workmanship powered with the skilled use of tools. Which tools are used depends on the woodworking project. Wood hobbyists saw, plane, sand, shape, nail, assemble and finish temperate and exotic wood species to produce almost anything held in the imagination. A good working […]

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Woodworking Project Decisions

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Now, I get it: my adolescent fantasy of building a rotating wood riser for my drum set would have been a fantastic catastrophe. You see, my dream had absolutely no supporting knowledge of woodwork. In fact, I almost sawed off my fingers in Woodwork 8. There is nothing wrong with dreaming the dream, but I […]

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Wood and Water Don’t Mix

By Ron Smith in Flooring Problems Wood Division Knowledge Base | 3 Comments

Wooden floors can be as durable as they are beautiful. But there’s a big IF in a statement like that. Wooden floors can be as durable as they are beautiful IF they are installed properly. And any proper installation must begin with an understanding of the continuous relationship between wood and moisture. As a growing […]

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Common Wood Floor Finishes and Considerations

By Ron Smith in Flooring Finishes Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

When installing wood floors, builders, installers, and DIYers need to consider the different wood finishes that were previously installed or are going to be installed. Flooring finishes are usually oil, water, alcohol, or urethane based. Installing wood floors with healthy and durable finishes also means understanding the moisture interactions between both the floor and the […]

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Wood Flooring Moisture Content Affected from the Ground Up

By Ron Smith in Flooring Problems Installers Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

The moisture content of wood flooring can always change over time or with changes in the environment. When working to prevent moisture-related problems with wood flooring, there are multiple layers that can contribute to moisture issues immediately or down the road. Simply acclimating and installing the flooring product itself is only one step in a […]

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Protect Your Hardwood Floor from Moisture Problems

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The range of wood species used for flooring has been increasing far beyond standard domestic Northern Hemisphere softwoods and hardwoods. The choice of species can be motivated by aesthetics, functionality or a sense of environmental responsibility. For the home or business owner, it can seem like a dizzying array of colors, grains, patterns, prices, and […]

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Validating Moisture Meter Calibration

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Whether it is at the lumber mill or on a building project site, the lumber or the wood being used needs to be measured for the correct moisture content.  This is routine in large lumber mills throughout the world but is just as important on the job site. Moisture meters provide an easy, convenient and […]

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What Thermo-Hygrometers Can Do

By Ron Smith in Products / Tools Wood Division Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

Wood interacts and changes with the relative humidity (RH) changes in its surroundings, so it is wise to continuously measure the moisture content (MC) in wood flooring. Also, it is important to measure the RH during installation and afterward. This way, stakeholders keep an eye on the wood flooring as it reaches its equilibrium moisture […]

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Moisture and Mold Growth: The Long and Mold of It

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Humans have reason to attach negative connotations to mold. When food goes bad, mold appears. When a living space contains too much unventilated moisture, mold grows. Leaves rot on the ground and form mold. Fabric stored in damp places gets its musty smell from the presence of mold. More seriously, mold releases chemicals and spores […]

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