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What Do These Moisture Meter Readings Mean?

By Ron Smith in Wood Information Moisture Content Wood Flooring Knowledge Base | 3 Comments

Anyone who works with wood – woodworking professionals, wood flooring installers, even hobbyists – must know its moisture content (MC). MC of wood is defined as the ratio of weight of the water in the piece of wood to the weight of the piece of wood without water. Knowing the MC of the wood is […]

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Building Inspectors Brace for Anticipated El Niño Flooding

By Ron Smith in Flooding Building Inspection | 0 Comment

Meteorologists forecast a massive El Niño weather system will hit California later this year, extending through the Southwest to the Carolinas and parts of the East Coast. This may seem like welcome news for California, especially as it suffers through its worst drought in a millennium, but state emergency officials worry that heavy rains will […]

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Home Inspection Tools: Why a Moisture Meter Is Essential

By Ron Smith in Tools Building Inspection | 1 Comment

Not all home inspectors have identical industry knowledge. Credentials and licensing may vary depending on which state you live in, but the recommended tools, moisture meters, supplies, and standards of practice, will help clarify what a home inspector should look for during an inspection. Even though we have tried to provide detail, this article does […]

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The Building Inspector’s Toolkit – What’s in Your Belt?

By Ron Smith in Moisture Meters Wood Information | 2 Comments

Being thorough means being prepared. Make sure your building inspector toolkit includes these tools. Building codes and standards are constantly changing. They certainly vary from town to town. Regardless of any specific building code, you need the full scope of the right tools in your building inspection toolkit to get your job done well. Here’s […]

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Moisture, Mold and How to Control It

By Ron Smith in Moisture Meters Wood Information | 25 Comments

Too much moisture in a home or building can lead to a number of problems, some of them being quite serious. Increased humidity levels inside the home or building can produce an uncomfortable sensation of dampness and cause wood to swell and warp (or even rot), causing a weakened home or structure. Too much moisture […]

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10 More Top Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

By Ron Smith in Wood Information Tools / Products Woodworking Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Last year, Wagner Meters wrote about the top 40 tools no woodworker should be without. Now, in 2015, we’re bringing you 10 more essential tools that will help make any job easier, safer, and more efficient. 1. Dust collector Since breathing wood dust is considered a serious health risk, tool manufacturers are introducing affordable dust […]

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Seasonal Transitions Impact More than Kiln Drying Schedules

By Ron Smith in Kiln Drying Forest Products Articles | 0 Comment

For lumber mills in Canada, seasonal transitions play an enormous role in the treatment of the log resource to be dried, and make it necessary to modify kiln-drying schedules. A deep understanding of the characteristics of each species, including sap movement (changes from one season to another), is essential whether the mill is processing hardwood […]

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Wagner’s Forest Products Division to Attend Timber Processing and Energy Expo 2014

By Ron Smith in Forestry News | 0 Comment

This fall, Wagner Meters will once again join professionals from a range of forest products-related industries at the biannual Timber Processing and Energy Expo (TP&EE) in Portland, Oregon. TP&EE presents the latest technology, news and products for producers of lumber, plywood, engineered wood, and wood-to-energy products, and Wagner Meters is once again looking forward to being part of the ongoing discussion among leading manufacturers and producers from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

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