Get Automated with the DataGrabber®

When your time-stamped concrete RH and temperature readings get automated, how will you spend your extra time?

So, at this point, we can agree that ASTM F2170 in situ concrete slab RH testing is scientifically proven to provide the most accurate and reliable indication of the concrete slab moisture condition at the time that flooring materials will be installed over the subfloor.

But let’s also be real. Up to this point, you had to be on-site at the concrete slab to take an RH reading manually. And how often did you have the time to make that happen? One or two times a month? And you know that if you could collect more data points, you’d have a better understanding of the slab drying time. The DataGrabber will give you those extra data points while you’re out using your new-found free time to quote the next job or plan that overdue vacation. It's automated readings collection and storage in a fun-sized green pellet. We call it an industry-shifting innovation. You can call it automated luxury.

Choose Your Configuration

DataGrabber with Bluetooth® & DataMaster™ L6 App

Wireless and automated RH testing giving you more data points.

The DataGrabber with Bluetooth engages the L6 Smart Sensor to collect and store concrete RH and temperature readings according to a time interval set with the DataMaster L6 app. The DataGrabber with Bluetooth is the solution for autonomous documentation of the changing moisture condition in the concrete slab.

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DataGrabber, Total Reader®, & DataMaster L6 App

A long-term data logging solution.

Long-term monitoring is possible with the smaller DataGrabber. It fits within the L6 Smart Sensor and connects to the DataMaster L6 app through the Total Reader. The smaller DataGrabber is a long-term data logging solution because it fits within an L6 Smart Sensor with the protective cap in place.

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Here’s How the Automated Luxury Happens

You might already know that L6 sensors are engineered to store every concrete RH and temperature reading taken with the Total Reader as a time-stamped data point within the sensor. Several of you have said, "Think of what you can do with that." Well, we did. The DataGrabber with Bluetooth, a self-contained device designed to fit inside an L6 Smart Sensor, will periodically engage the sensor to store time-stamped concrete temperature and RH readings according to the time interval set by the user. The DataGrabber with Bluetooth connects directly to the DataMaster L6 app for wireless download of sensor readings and programming of sensor reading interval. A smaller, more discrete version of the DataGrabber, is configured by contacting the Rapid RH Total Reader to connect with the free DataMaster L6 app. While connected, you can also download all previous sensor data. The smaller DataGrabber is your long-term data logging solution because it fits within an L6 Smart Sensor with the protective cap in place.

What's the Difference?

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

The DataGrabber gives you more data points, more confidence in your drying time estimate, and more of your valuable time back.

Wagner Meters, a moisture measurement innovator since 1965, believes that ASTM F2170 in situ concrete slab RH testing can be and should be fast, accurate, and reliable. The newest innovations within the Rapid RH L6 concrete RH testing system continue the Wagner tradition of providing tools and education to help you “Unleash Your Expertise.”

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WFP300+ Rapid RH® L6
Advanced Concrete
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WFP350+ Rapid RH® L6
Advanced Concrete Moisture
Test Kit with Bluetooth®

WFP450+ Rapid RH® L6
Rapid RH L6 Professional
Flooring Installer Kit
with both DataGrabbers®
& Bluetooth® DataGrabbers

CFP415+ Rapid RH® L6
Concrete Flooring Professional Kit
with Data Logging Capabilities

Rapid RH® L6 Smart Sensor

Total Reader®

DataGrabber® with Bluetooth®


Smart Logger™

Infrared Thermometer

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