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Get Automated with the


When your time-stamped concrete RH and temperature readings get automated, how will you spend your extra time?
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Do Less Work, Get More Done

Gives you more data points to help you make more accurate drying time estimates
Automatically captures and stores RH readings that can be collected quickly via Bluetooth®
Gives piece of mind without requiring you to do more

Here’s How the Automated Luxury Happens

Want to save time and automatically collect ASTM F2170-compliant concrete moisture data from all sensors within Bluetooth range?

It’s easy! Choose the Rapid RH L6 system. Then add the DataGrabber, a small, self-contained device that fits inside the L6 sensor, and download our complimentary app.

At time intervals you set, the DataGrabber engages the L6 sensor automatically to store time-stamped RH and temperature readings. Anytime you want, visit your jobsite and the DataGrabber connects directly to your smartphone for wireless download of all the sensor’s readings. That’s all there is to it!

What Can DataGrabbers Do for You?

DataGrabber with Bluetooth® & DataMaster™ L6 App
Wireless and automated RH testing giving you more data points.

  • Automatically takes readings on your defined schedule and stores them in the onboard memory
  • More data points to help you make more accurate drying time estimates
  • RH readings can be collected quickly via Bluetooth
  • Option for True Remote Monitoring™ anywhere in the world by pairing with Floorcloud
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DataGrabber & DataMaster L6 App

Secure, automated data collection with the DataMaster L6 App

  • Automate your RH data collection
  • Snap the DataGrabber® into the L6 Smart Sensor
  • Use the DataMaster™ L6 app to schedule your data collection
  • NO Total Reader required to read & transmit stored data to the DataMaster™ L6 app
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Available in the Wagner Meters Online store or through one of our distributor partners near you

You can easily and conveniently order online or give us a call worldwide toll-free at 844-511-4914.

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