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Shield Your Investment and Empower Your Customers with Floor Sentry®

An easy-to-install solution that turns your floor into a smart floor. It alerts you when temperature and relative humidity conditions might lead to moisture-related damage, giving you the tools to monitor your flooring and take action before it occurs.
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Turn Your Floor Into a Smart Floor

With Floor Sentry installed, you can save expensive flooring from moisture-related damages, which can cause problems. Moisture issues can be very damaging to your wood flooring, and they're usually caused by changes in temperature and humidity that are difficult to detect until it's too late. Floor Sentry gives you peace of mind by alerting you when there's a problem, so you can take action before the damage occurs.

In return for your hard work, money, and time, your new wood floor will provide many years of warmth and elegance. Severe damage and possible destruction due to moisture-related issues is the last thing you want to worry about.

The Floor Sentry from Wagner Meters shields your investment by providing you with instant access to the temperature and relative humidity condition of your wood floor as well as your underlayment or concrete subfloor.

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Floor Sentry: How to Easily Install and How It Works


INSTALL by using a router to carve out a small section under a flooring plank and place the Floor Sentry into the routed area.


CHOOSE the best location to place your Floor Sentry device. Consult the manual to help determine a strategic location for placement.


PAIR your device with the complementary Wagner Sentry app to configure it for monitoring RH and temperature, set alarm thresholds, and much more.

Empower Your Customers

When you share the complementary Wagner Sentry app with your customers, you empower them with the technology to monitor ambient conditions and be proactive as they maintain the beauty and longevity of their wood floor. You can easily email our informative video and one-page guide to help customers understand how to keep their floors beautiful for years to come.

Take action before it's too late. Order Floor Sentry today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your flooring is well-protected. With Floor Sentry, you can shield your investment, guard your beautiful wood floor, have a history of time-stamped moisture readings, and empower your customers with the necessary technology to keep their floors in top condition. Order now and protect your investment today!

Protect Your Investment

Floor Sentry is an affordable option for protecting your investment. Cheap insurance is hard to come by, but with Floor Sentry, you can guard against expensive flooring from moisture-related damages without breaking the bank. You can easily order online or give us a call worldwide toll-free a 541-291-5123. We’re here to help Monday to Friday, 7:30 am through 4:00 pm PST.

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