True Remote Monitoring™ Kit for Rapid RH L6 with Floorcloud™

USD $1,550.00

With this True Remote Monitoring System, you can save time and money by ensuring jobsite climate and concrete conditions are appropriate for the next phase of the project, without having to actually return to the jobsite.


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Product Description

  • 1 Smart Sensor 5 Pack with Total Reader for Rapid RH L6
  • 1 Drill Bit
  • 1 Smart Sensor Insertion Tool for Rapid RH L6
  • 1 Wire Brush
  • 1 Vacuum Attachment
  • 5-Pack Rapid RH L6 Bluetooth DataGrabber
  • 5-Pack DataGrabber Range Extender
  • 5-Pack DataGrabber Range Extender, Protective Dome
  • 1 Carrying Case, Kit, 4800, Rapid RH, Floorcloud

Relative humidity (RH) testing, standardized as ASTM F2170, involves placing in situ RH sensors at specific depths in the slab. After allowing the RH sensors to equilibrate, you can measure the RH to assess the overall moisture condition of the slab

There are three components of this system designed to make your job easier.

  1. The Rapid RH L6 System including the DataGrabber with Bluetooth
  2. The Rapid RH DataGrabber range extender (DGRE) and the protective dome
  3. The Floorcloud Jobsite Conditions Sensor (sold separately)

With the DataGrabber with Bluetooth, it engages the L6 Smart Sensor to collect, store, and transmit the concrete RH and temperature readings, via Bluetooth.

The Floorcloud sensors work with the Rapid RH probe and DataGrabber with Bluetooth to monitor jobsite ambient climate conditions and concrete relative humidity and temperature hourly, 24/7/365. All data is transmitted to a cloud database via the cellular network for comparison against manufacturers’ specifications and is stored securely for future retrieval when needed.

In just five simple steps, contractors and flooring professionals are equipped to monitor the jobsite remotely. All it takes is:

  1. Install the Rapid RH L6 concrete moisture testing sensor into the concrete
  2. Install a Rapid RH Datagrabber with Bluetooth into the sensor
  3. Add the Rapid RH DGRE and protective dome on the surface of the concrete
  4. Scanning the QR code on the Floorcloud sensor and locating it central to the Rapid RH L6 sensors
  5. Downloading the Floorcloud app and simply entering job/jobsite information

Floorcloud sensor not included. To get integrated, book a demo today.