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For over 50 years, Wagner Meters has been helping wood flooring professionals, woodworkers, and do-it-yourselfers to create beautiful and long-lasting wood projects with the help of wood moisture meters.

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IntelliSense Technology

For accurate moisture measurements with all your woodworking or wood flooring projects, none can match the speed, ease, and accuracy of Wagner Meters’ hand-held moisture meters. Each of Wagner’s wood moisture meters, sometimes called “damp meters,” is designed with pinless, non-damaging technology that enables you to quickly scan or spot check many board feet in mere seconds.

Wagner moisture meters, featuring IntelliSense™ technology, go below the surface conditions for accurate measurements of moisture conditions IN the wood. Most pinless meters are unable to distinguish between surface or ambient conditions on the surface of the wood and the real moisture picture in the wood. This results in inaccurate readings that can ruin your project and cost you money.

Pin meters, on the other hand, may be able to bypass the surface conditions if they have insulated pins (most don’t), but they also damage the surface of the wood each time you take a reading. Plus, they measure moisture in only a relatively small area surrounding the pin insertion, unlike Wagner’s moisture meters, which cover large volumes of wood quickly and accurately.

Intellisense Technology
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