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Inspiration for the Hand Tool Only Acoustic Travel Guitar Build

Crimson Guitars

A moisture meter is absolutely essential PERIOD!

Blacktail Studio works with nine-foot 500lb slab of walnut

Blacktail Studio

Wagner Moisture Meters - they're kind of the industry standard for moisture meters. The old school ones would put little pins in the wood and they would tell you the moisture right at the pin level which is only on the outside of the wood. This Wagner moisture meter actually tells you the moisture content down inside the wood which is what you need to know.

Orion 950 | Holy Grail of moisture meters

Manor Wood

I've been playing around with my new Wagner meter and I absolutely love it. I realized how much I'm using this thing all the time. This been a game changer for me, less paperwork. No putting notes in my iPhone, all that stuff. I absolutely live by this meter now. I love it. It's just awesome!

How to Build a Modern Dining Table | DIY Woodworking & Welding

Fix This Build That - Brad

Premium pinless moisture meter. It’s got a seven-year warranty and calibrated accuracy. But wood moisture is relative to the environment that you’re in so things could change at my shop. The Orion 950 had a feature called equilibrium moisture content or EMC. It uses a built in temperature and humidity sensor to calculate the percentage where wood is going to stop losing or gaining moisture in that specific environment.

48 hour Charity Build! Live Edge River Table with Brandy Aubé

April Wilkerson

I personally use a Wagner pinless meter. A lot of meters have pins that stick slightly into the surface of the wood but this can be misleading. Pinless is not only non-damaging but it gives you a reading that is measured moisture in the wood and not on the wood. This particular meter which is the Orion 950 will also calculate if a slab is at the critical threshold where it has reached its equilibrium with the environment and will no longer gain or lose moisture. I say slab but you can also use this for wood flooring or any other wooden projects.

Woodworking Moisture Meters Test - Cheap vs Expensive

Ross Custom Wood Furniture

I was hesitant to get one of these because they are expensive, but you get what you pay for. People will say, “well I can’t afford a moisture meter that cost $400.” Well, what’s less expensive? A $400 moisture meter or a table that you build with on a big slab like this thinking that it’s only three or four percent moisture content that you have to replace in a year or two or even sooner. This is very important tool, which took me awhile to come to that realization. You do need this for accurate readings "

The Worst Wood To Build From

Blacktail Studio

Lesson of the week: get a moisture meter... No, the lesson is to USE the moisture meter. Pro tip: Get a moisture meter and use it! The Wagner Orion is pretty much the industry standard.

Wagner Meters Orion 910 Wood Moisture Meter Review

Wonat Review

The Orion 910 Deep Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit includes the Orion 910, which is designed to improve on the popular Wagner (MMC220) meter it replaces. The Orion 910 measures moisture in wood or other materials from the surface to a depth of.75 inches (19mm). The 910 is sturdy enough to handle your roughest duties thanks to its flexible rubber boot. With the integrated On-Demand Calibrator, the Orion 910 joins the rest of the Orion family of meters as the first in the industry to enable real in-field calibration capability. Whenever you choose, calibrate your Orion 910 at your location in roughly 30 seconds. Wagner's 50-year heritage of offering precise, dependable non-damaging pinless moisture measurement technology, measuring IN the wood rather than ON the wood, continues with the Orion range of wood moisture meters.

What's moisture content in wood - And why should I care?

Anika's DIY Life

Let's talk about something that isn't talked about often enough - moisture content in wood. I am breaking down everything you need to know about it, what's equilibrium moisture content (EMC), what's the right amount of moisture, why it is important and how to work with it. Pinned moisture meters create holes in wood to make the measurements. This pinless moisture meter from Wagner meters is a great alternative to be able to measure moisture accurately without marring the surface of boards.

Tool Tuesday - Moisture Meter

Canadian Woodworks

In this episode we breakdown one tool I recommend to every Woodworker. The Wagner Moisture Meter - Orion 950. I believe in every tool arsenal of a woodworker should be a moisture meter. I think I have used a wood moisture meter from Wagner for 20 years. This one is the bee’s knees! It’s got all the bells and whistles. It even has Bluetooth built into it so if your moisture readings need to be recorded or saved to show your customer, you can do that.

Wagner 950 Moisture Meter

Michael - Concentric Home Solutions

In this video, I'll be sharing my take on the Wagner Orion 950 Pinless Moisture Meter. "Often overlooked but very valuable is a moisture meter. I prefer this one because it doesn’t mar the wood in anyway. This one is very sophisticated (Orion 950). I like this particular one, the model number is the 950. The 950 has a Bluetooth function that allows you to log the data points if you’d like. It’s a very cool tool."

Mid-Century Modern Pill Shaped Coffee Table Build

Sadie Mae

So, how do you measure moisture in wood? With a moisture meter. Wagner Meters' Orion 950 is a top-of-the-line model that can not only figure out the EMC where you live but it has a large sensor giving you more accurate readings every time. It can measure the moisture content in wood a quarter-inch thick up to one and half inches thick and is adjustable depending on the species of wood that you're measuring.

How to Make a Sofa from Rough Wood | DIY Woodworking

Fix This Build That

How to build a modern outdoor sofa from rough wood. Outdoor furniture is a great woodworking project and this loveseat sofa is the perfect addition to your front porch or back deck.

How Dry is Home Depot Lumber? Testing Box Store Kiln Dried Lumber

How dry is Home Depot lumber? Specifically, how dry is kiln dried lumber from Home Depot and Lowe’s? I took hundreds of moisture readings from kiln dried 2x4’s and kiln dried 2x6’s with the pinless Wagner moisture meter and found out exactly how dry the “dry” box store wood is. Wagner Moisture Meters Used for Testing: Orion 950, Orion 910 and Orion 930

Stacking, Cleanup, and Drying - Turning a Log into Lumber Part 3

Matthew Cremona

In this video, see the workings of stacking, cleanup and drying when you turn a long into lumber. Learn about humidity level and how it relates to moisture in the wood. See how he uses the Orion 950 to measure moisture.

Understanding Wood Moisture | Woodworking How to

izzy swan

Understanding how moisture content effects wood can be a bit overwhelming at fist. In this video i try to break it down and help get you on your way to Understanding Moisture content of wood. Be confident when you are doing client projects or buy expensive woods for you project all start with these basic principles of measuring moister content.

Live Edge EPOXY RESIN "Reverse River" Table ???? Woodworking How-To

Crafted Workshop

Learn how to build this DIY live edge epoxy resin "reverse river" table! This table was made with a Walnut live edge slab cast in black metallic epoxy resin, with a Maple base! See how to use the Orion 950 moisture meter to check slabs moisture.

Avoid wet wood disasters, use a wood moisture meter!


One of the challenges of working with wood is its ability to absorb and release moisture and in so doing it expands and contracts and is called "wood movement", small amounts of which are acceptable but larger volumes of secreted moisture can cause many mechanical and wood-finish problems in lumber that can be avoided by selecting dry woods that can be measured with Moisture Meters, such as the Wagner Orion Series. Using a moisture analyzer is also a great way to tell when your green wood is ready to use.

Orion 950 Review

Niko from Deadstock

Orion pinless wood moisture meters from Wagner Meters feature incredible new versatility built upon the traditional superior accuracy that Wagner technology is known for. First, never be in doubt that your Orion meter is calibrated to superior factory accuracy with the “On-Demand Calibrator”, a device that allows you to calibrate your Orion meter right where you are in less then 30 seconds. You won’t find that capability with any other pinless wood moisture meter. Add dual depth measurement, equilibrium moisture content (EMC) calculation, ambient temperature and relative humidity sensor, and Bluetooth connectivity to free apps on your smart device and you’ve got a line of pinless moisture meters so versatile they need a Swiss Army logo.

Pencil Tool Rail Sled - Production System

Andrew Klein

No pins! So it's non-destructive method of testing. You can take this to a lumber yard and not get any frowns from the employees because you're putting a bunch of pin-holes in their lumber.

Wagner Orion 930 & 950

Woodshop Mike

Here's a quick video highlighting features of the new Orion 930 and 950 by Wagner Meters!

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Easy to Use

Easy to use, like the dual depth setting. I had a slow dishwasher leak in the kitchen and had to tear up a large section of the maple flooring. I bought this meter to be certain I had everything dried out and that the moisture content of the underlayment and new flooring had sufficiently balanced before I began installation of the new floor. I had a question on using the meter in Relative mode and also over USB, so I emailed support at Wagner meters. I also mentioned the manual was a little lacking in the Relative mode section. The very next day I received an in-depth reply. They even noted my comment on the section that was lacking in the manual. Here was Tony's response: "You are quite right about the explanation on how to use the Relative mode. I appreciate your bringing this to my attention. I have made a recommendation to amend the manual." Needless to say, I was very pleased with both the product and the support.

-Leif A.

Very User-Friendly

Be more comfortable in your next major investment in wood products. Very user-friendly right out of the box. Orion review was excellent, helped me choose the unit that fit my requirements.

-Wonders of Wood

One of the best

Not for the faint hearted given the price, but no buyers remorse if genuinely needed. You reach a point in your working life when you need to invest in a quality product. Wagner and Lignomat are the leaders for moisture meters for timbers. Not cheap. One of the best. Where you need to ensure the moisture of your wood product is consistent, it is important


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