Hand Held Meters for Mills & Secondary Wood Manufacturers

L601-3 Handheld Moisture Meter

Specifically designed for the demanding environments of primary mills or wood products manufacturing plants where quick scanning of lumber is a must.

Wagner Meters L620

L620 Digital Moisture Meter

The affordable L620 Digital Moisture Meter from Wagner Meters combines proven wood-friendly electromagnetic scanning with an easy-to-read LCD screen.

Wagner Meters L622

L622 Handheld Moisture Meter

In the 15%+ moisture content range, the L622 has improved measurement accuracy over the earlier L612 model.

L722 Stack Probe Sensor

L722 Stack Probe Sensor

With the L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter, the L722 Lumber Stack Probe Sensor is used to reach deep into stickered units of lumber and take accurate moisture readings.

Smart Logger™

Smart Logger™

Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger, capable of capturing, recording, and sending up to 12,000 readings or 300 days of ambient temperature and relative humidity data.

L600 Series Ruggedized Carrying Case

L600 Series Ruggedized Carrying Case

A very high-quality, foam-lined, ruggedized carrying case for our L601-3, L620, and L622 handheld moisture meters.

Please Note: Orders received after 12pm PST on December 12th through December 15th will be shipped on December 16th.

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