Smart Logger™ | Bluetooth Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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The Wagner Meters Smart Logger is a discrete Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger. Capable of capturing, recording, and sending up to 12,000 readings or 300 days of ambient temperature and relative humidity data for job site monitoring.


About the Smart Logger™

Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

The Smart Logger is a small, lightweight, easily portable and highly accurate monitoring device that tracks ambient temperature and humidity conditions when flooring professionals are away from the job site. It can also be utilized during the wood flooring acclimation process and the storage of wood flooring. The Smart Logger is capable of storing up to 12,000 pieces of data over a period of up to 300 days.

The Smart Logger monitor incorporates the latest Bluetooth® technology and works in tandem with the Smart Logger app, which can be downloaded for free at the Apple Store or Google Play. The app connects the Smart Logger monitor through a mobile device’s Bluetooth® (Android or iOS® devices), enabling users to transmit and record data, and even send reports via email.

Technical Details:

• Item Weight: 1 ounce (30g)
• Product Dimensions: 2 in. (50mm) 2 in. (50mm) 0.8 in (20mm)
• Material: ABS, PCB, FR4
• Shape: Square
• Power Source: Battery Powered
• Output Power: -4 dBm, adjustable
• Batteries Included? Yes
• Batteries Required? Yes
• Battery Cell Type: Lithium
• Battery Description: CR2450 3V 550mAh
• Warranty Description: None
• Shipping Weight: 1 lb (.45 kg)

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Smart Logger User Manual

Download the free Smart Logger app at the Apple Store or Google Play.

Wagner Smart Logger for Monitoring & Recording Ambient RH and Temp

Monitoring and Recording Ambient Conditions with the Wagner Meters Smart Logger