Wagner Meters’ Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word. See why our customers love our products!

Excellent Customer Service
"Another plus to having the Omega is the Wagner Meters service. Whenever I call them with a question or issue, they respond quickly. About 95% of the time we can resolve any issue over the phone. They also regularly call and occasionally visit to see if everything’s running fine. Just knowing they’ve got my back gives me good peace of mind."
Clay Grace  |  Dry Kiln Division Supervisor, Battle Lumber, GA  |  Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System
Reliable, High-Tech Software
"With other systems, you have to manually record data with pencil and paper, writing out the serial number, date, and test results. With this system, we don’t do that because everything is recorded automatically by the Smart Reader. I just connect the Smart Reader to the sensor and immediately the data is sent wirelessly to the DataMaster™ app and the report is always there. I can’t write 78 when I meant to write 87. There’s no possibility of making a mistake in recording the data or even changing the data. So data integrity is excellent. Data goes directly from the sensor to the software and on to the report without error."
Steve Anderson  |  Surface Testing Group  |  DataMaster™ app
Easy-to-Use App Saves Time
"One of my favorite Wagner Rapid RH features is the DataMaster™ app. This app, which I can download onto my smartphone, tracks, stores, and reports data from my Rapid RH system. When I finish reading the test, I can send out a report about the project to my customer right then while I’m standing there. I don’t have to go back and transfer information off a notepad or into a program. So my customer gets detailed information about all the probes that are set and a picture with the locations of each sensor marked on it almost at the same time as I get it."
John Lowther  |  JKL Construction  |  DataMaster™ app
Tight Tolerances and Reliable Products
“When we started making lamstock and other high-end products, we had to get their moisture content within tight tolerances or risk losing grade value. That’s when we started utilizing the Wagner products because we really needed to make sure our moisture contents were right on.”
Ken Kalesnikoff, President  |  Kalesnikoff Lumber  |  L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter
Trusted to Work Every Time
"My job is to provide professional, thorough, accurate, impartial testing services. My obligation is to use what works - and Wagner [Rapid] RH® flat out works. And I trust them to work every time."
J.K. Nixon  |  Concrete Restoration Services, LLC  |  Rapid RH®
Saves Us Time, Money, and Effort
"The Rapid RH® is inexpensive, quick and easy to use, and enables us to do calibration checks required for ASTM F2170 compliance in seconds rather than hours. And because it gives us quick, accurate results, we can address a potential problem quickly. Or, if there’s no problem, we can get back to the install without further delay. This saves us time, money, and effort."
David Harris  |  President and CEO, Riverbed Concrete, LLC  |  Rapid RH®
Accurate, Reliable, and Easy to Use
"I wanted a test that was accurate, reliable, and easy to use. I found only one test that met all my criteria – Wagner Meters’ Rapid RH® 4.0 EX single-use sensors. I especially liked the fact that with the Rapid RH® 4.0 EX, I didn’t have to deal with calibration, calibration checks, and the record keeping of those checks as mandated by the ASTM F2170 standard. I also liked the idea of having a NIST-traceable calibration certificate for each sensor. It made the compliance paperwork very simple and easy."
Steve Anderson  |  Surface Testing Group  |  Rapid RH® 4.0 EX
User-Friendly and Reliable Meters
“The L622 creates many efficiencies for us. It provides us with an informative report summary that can be effectively used in helping determine the required drying needs of our lumber at any given time. And with the meter’s ability to store numerous grouped readings in its memory, our kiln operators find success with managing multiple kiln audits at any one time. The Wagner meters provide us these advantages while doing it on a very user-friendly and reliable platform.”
Brad Mason, Manufacturing Team Leader  |  Kalesnikoff Lumber  |  L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter Saves Us $300,000 Annually
"The L622 also does something else the pin meter couldn’t do. It allows us to download an informative report summary to a computer which we can print out. It’ll give me an average of the recorded moisture readings, graphs, and the overall MC of each charge. So it’s been a real viable tool for us. I estimate it saves us conservatively $300,000 annually due to savings in time, energy costs, and the effort that’s spent drying the wood." Read More...
Kerry Cogburn  |  Teal-Jones Lumber  |  L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter
Accurate and Fast
"The Rapid RH is very accurate and because the sensor is already in the bottom of the hole and is already equilibrated to the hole, when you insert it to take the reading, all you’re doing is taking the reading and not disturbing it. I can walk away, come back, and I can have the customer with me and we can read it in a matter of minutes."
John Lowther  |  JKL Construction  |  Rapid RH®
Don’t Waste Expensive Wood
"Some of the wood I use is very expensive – anywhere from $100 for a small piece and up. I have one piece that’s $900. When you spend that kind of money on wood, you don’t want to turn it with the wrong moisture content in it. With Wagner Meters’ MMC220 moisture meter I can measure the common hardwoods, softwoods, and exotic species. They’re probably the best meters for any operation because they cover the spectrum." Read More...
Harvey Bower  |  Oregon Woodturner  |  MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter
Certified Accuracy
“The process behind the Rapid RH® is solid. We went to Rapid RH® because the accuracy is certified and it doesn’t need to acclimate past its initial point. We could stick [the sensor] in there, read it and trust it.” Read More...
J.D. Grafton  |  CC Solutions  |  Rapid RH®
"My ace in the hole for finding dampness behind walls or beneath the floors or shower tile is my Wagner pinless moisture meter." Read More...
Dan Temple  |  Emerald Home & Building Inspection, Gresham, Ore.  |  BI2200 Building Inspection Moisture Meter
“I have a Wagner pinless meter. It’s my go-to-tool and the first thing I grab when I’m handling lumber. It’s very easy-to-use. You just slide it across the surface and quickly get an average reading for the board’s moisture content. Plus, I never have to worry about putting holes in the wood.” Read More...
David Anderson  |  Oregon Woodcrafter/Designer  |  MMC220 Extended Range Moisture Meter
"One advantage to using the Rapid RH® for RH testing is that it makes meeting the ASTM standard easy to achieve. It’s about as simple as it can get. The [Rapid RH®] is user-friendly for specialists like myself, and also for non-consultant types of people like general contractors." Read More...
Bill Lepito  |  Principal, Certified Floor Covering Consultants  |  Rapid RH®