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At Wagner, we know how important it is for you to get the most out of your investment in our products. It’s important to us, too. When you partner with Wagner, we become a part of your team, offering world-class, long-term support tailored to meet your specific needs.

With Wagner, your mill personnel will have access to expert equipment training and support. Our suite of long-term support services includes:

Our Field Service Professionals consult with our customers by providing professional and expert opinions, vision, advice, training, and/or services regarding information or material related to Wagner products or moisture measuring. We will assist you with making the right decisions or in performing tasks associated with Wagner products and processes.

  • Expert Training
  • Computer Remote Login
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support

Expert Training

A Wagner Meters System Technician can provide staff training on any one or more parts of your system hardware or software, and for necessary maintenance and troubleshooting. Our Wagner Technician will:

  • Offer moderate to advanced training tailored to your configuration
  • Educate staff on the purpose and benefits of the system
  • Conduct one-on-one or group hands-on training
  • Demonstrate both equipment and software functions
  • Calibrate and/or conduct any necessary maintenance specific to your equipment
  • Carry out expert troubleshooting for issues that may arise

Relevant equipment: In-Line, In-Kiln, and Handheld Meters

BEST FOR: New system installation & new employee training

Remote Computer Support

A Wagner Meters System Technician schedules a time to remotely log onto your computer and walk you through the software, answering questions and providing tips. Our Wagner Technician will:

  • Answer your questions, offering focused and technical help so you can more effectively utilize your software’s capabilities
  • Walk you through the process of solving your computer issue(s), accelerating your learning curve and giving you an insider’s expertise
  • Welcome multiple staff members to join the session simultaneously, so all can learn together
  • Work to schedule the appointment at a time convenient for you, anytime during Wagner’s office hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm Pacific Time

Relevant equipment: Computer software for In-Line and In-Kiln Meters

BEST FOR: Personnel with questions about where to go within the system to retrieve data or set up a report

Phone Support

Wagner Meters System Technicians are available to take phone calls during office hours. During your call, our Wagner Technician will:

  • Listen carefully as you describe the need(s) you have
  • Ask questions to help quickly determine the best method to resolve your problem(s) and/or answer your question(s)
  • Provide the information requested or work to gather this information to help you as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Work to schedule the appointment at a time convenient for you, any time during Wagner’s office hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm Pacific Time

Relevant equipment: In-Line, In-Kiln, and Handheld Meters

BEST FOR: Personnel with specific questions about the type of training or help needed

Email Support

Wagner Meters System Technicians are available via email on a semi-regular basis for certain limited-use situations. During these email support sessions, our Wagner Technicians will:

  • Offer step-by-step written instructions for specific topics, such as remote terminal or zero & span calibration
  • Review materials found in equipment manuals, when necessary
  • Establish strong working relationships between your mill personnel and Wagner’s technical support staff
  • Respond to emails within one business day

Relevant equipment: In-Line, In-Kiln, and Handheld Meters

BEST FOR: Personnel needing step-by-step written instructions; also for initiating contact with our technical support staff

To Learn More Call (541) 291-5125

Last updated on December 12th, 2023


  1. Steven L. Ross, PhD says:

    I am interested I the Orion 910 and would like details on the accuracy and reproducibility of the meter. First, what is the accuracy of the Orion 910? Accuracy is usually given as a percent. Is the accuracy estimate as a percent of rang or percent of reading? Second, what is the reproducibility of the meter? How is the reproducibility determined: Several readings on the same sample at the same day and time or on many samples of the same species on different days at different times of day. Are these tests performed under tightly controlled conditions or under workplace (open area) conditions? Does surface finish affect either the accuracy or the reproducibility?

    • Larry Loffer says:


      All Wagner moisture measuring products are tested using hundreds of wood samples as well as different species of wood in a wide range of moisture contents. The results are compared to oven-dry percent moisture contents as specified by ASTM.

      Non-metallic elements in surface finishes have very little effect on the reading. If finishes have metallic elements, then the reading can be several percent MC higher than actual. The amount higher depends on the amount applied, specie, thickness etc.

  2. Luther T Margono says:


    I have MMC 220
    And have problem
    I live in Bali, Indonesia,
    South east asia

    May i know where after sales service centre in Indonesia?

    Thank you

  3. Kevin Fountain says:

    On the wagner model L722 stack probe what does it mean Sticker Range?

    • Ron Smith says:

      Hi Kevin, This would be best discussed over the phone. Please give me a call: 1 (800) 634-9961 ext. 225.

  4. Mirta Baez says:

    For plywood 18 mm to 25 mm which model is recomended’

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