RH Testing Just Got a Faster – February 2018 Rapid RH Newsletter

ASTM F2170 Update Allows Official RH Test Results at Just 24 Hours

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CONTACT: Jason Spangler EMAIL: jspangler@wagnermeters.com CALL WORLDWIDE TOLL-FREE: (800) 634-9961 ext. 235 Response to new science proving results taken at 24 and 72 hours are essentially identical. Rogue River, OR (February 14, 2018) – The international standards organization, ASTM International, published today its revised ASTM F2170 (Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity in Concrete […]

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How to Make Acclimating Wood Flooring Easy

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Flooring professionals can avoid moisture-related flooring failures and costly callbacks when they use the right tools. Here’s how: Begin with Wagner Meters’ TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer to measure the ambient relative humidity and ambient temperature. Plug that information into Wagner’s H2O app to quickly calculate the Equilibrium Moisture Content or EMC. The EMC is the moisture content […]

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Why Concrete Dew Point Is Important in Flooring Installations

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In this video Jason Spangler, Rapid RH® Product Specialist explains the importance of and which tools you will need to determine the dew point of a concrete slab, a necessary yet rarely talked about aspect of the flooring installation process. Here Jason demonstrates the relationship between a digital thermo-hygrometer and an infrared thermometer. Using these […]

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