How to Overcome a Wet Concrete Slab

Jason Spangler, the Flooring Product Sales Manager for Wagner Meters, discusses the two main ways to deal with a concrete slab that is too wet to install flooring.

Video Transcription:

This is Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters and one of the most common discussions I get into whether it’s with an architect, a general contractor, a flooring contractor, or even a building owner is

“How Can My Slab Still Be Wet?”

My common answer to that is it either takes times or money for concrete to dry appropriately or to be acceptable for a finished flooring product. With that and the compressed schedule we have today with new construction usually time is not an option. So the only option at that point is money. Money to bring in dehumidification equipment, money to turn the HVAC on and get it up and running earlier so that you have an environment that’s conducive for the drying of the concrete. Another option from a money standpoint is

Topical Moisture Mitigation Products

This class of products is applied topically to the concrete and encapsulates the moisture within the slab so that it lessens the impact that the moisture can have on the adhesive layer or the finished floor product. As with any other products out there, not all of them are created equal. You need to follow strict adherence to the manufacturers guidelines.

Older Concrete Slabs are Still at Risk

So when we talk about older slabs I hear people say all the time that they don’t even bother testing because it’s gotta be dry because it’s so old! all I can say is beware. With those older slabs the potential of there not being a vapor retarder underneath the slab or a vapor retarder that’s not intact anymore is usually fairly high. So by doing moisture testing you have the ability to identify those potential issues and you can catch them. Some other ways they’ll do things is they’ll do core testing to verify whether or not there is a physical vapor retarder underneath it. but what i’ll typically tell people is that you either need a vapor retarder underneath the slab during the construction process or a vapor retarder on top of the slab being a moisture mitigation product in order to have a successful flooring installation. This is Jason Spangler signing off.

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