Orion® Moisture Meter Comparison Matrix

MMC 220

Orion 910
Orion 920
Orion 930
Orion 940
Orion 950
Non-Damaging Pinless Sensor
Virtually Unaffected by Temperature
7-Year Warranty
Read Moisture Content from 5%-32%
Press to Hold Readings
Extended Range Species Settings
Fast Selection Species Settings
Programmable Alarm
Rubber Boot and Hard Carrying Case
IntelliSense™ Technology
On-Site Calibration
Relative Moisture Mode
Deep Depth Measurement Mode
Shallow Depth Measurement Mode
Dual Depth Measurements
Data Collection and Storage
Bluetooth® App Enabled
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
EMC / GPPK Calculations
Dew Point Calculations
$395.00 $319.00 $319.00 $359.00 $479.00 $479.00
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