Orion® 910 Deep Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit

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• Deep depth pinless moisture meter.
• IntelliSense technology backed with a 7-year warranty.
• Easily set wood species to measure what you need.
• Relative measurement mode to measure non-solid wood such as drywall.
• Includes an on-demand calibrator.



Product Description

The Orion® 910 Deep Depth Moisture Meter Kit includes:

  • Orion 910 Wood Moisture Meter now with backlit screen
  • Rubber Protective Boot
  • Foam-lined ABS Plastic Carrying Case
  • 9V Battery
  • Species Settings Booklet
  • Instruction Manual
  • Common Flooring Materials Settings Reference Card
  • Paired On-Demand Calibrator

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The Orion 910 Deep Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit features the Orion 910, which is designed to build upon the capabilities of the popular Wagner MMC220 meter it replaces. The Orion 910 takes moisture readings in your wood or other material from the surface down to .75” (19mm) in depth. A flexible rubber boot makes the 910 durable enough to withstand your toughest jobs.

The Orion 910 joins the rest of the Orion line of meters in being the first in the industry to provide true in-the-field calibration capability with the included On-Demand Calibrator. Calibrate your Orion 910 at your location in about 30 seconds whenever you want.

The Orion line of wood moisture meters continues Wagner’s 50-plus year tradition of providing accurate, dependable non-damaging pinless moisture measurement technology, measuring IN the wood not just ON the wood, and backed by Wagner’s industry-leading 7-year warranty.

Meter Features:

Deep Depth Measurement

The 910 takes moisture readings deep in your wood from .75″ (19mm) up to 1.5 inches (38mm).

IntelliSense™ Technology

Orion 910, 930, 940, and 950 pinless wood moisture meters incorporate IntelliSense technology in their ¾” (19mm) deep reading modes. This enables accurate determination of the moisture content deeper in the wood while minimizing the effect that surface moisture will have on the meter readings. Pin-type meters may be able to bypass the surface conditions, but they also damage the surface of the wood every time you take a reading.

Fast Selection Species Settings

With simple up/down arrow buttons, your Orion meter can be easily and quickly set for the wood species you need to measure. Plus, the range of settings accommodates practically any softwood or hardwood species in the world. The Orion 910 can also be configured to measure some non-solid wood products such as plywood, OSB, or MDF. Orion meters also have species settings for many bamboo flooring products.

Non-Damaging Pinless Sensor

Every Orion meter features electromagnetic wave technology…a non-damaging way to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of wood or other materials. Compared against pin meters, the pinless sensor technology of the Orion line of meters does not damage the wood and also eliminates the frustrations and costs of broken pins, common with pin-type meters.

Virtually Unaffected by Temperature

Every Orion pinless meter is virtually unaffected by the temperature of the wood or the environment. Unlike pin meters, Orion’s sensing technology does not need correction or adjustment to account for the temperature of the wood.

True In-The-Field Calibration

There is no need to return your Orion to the factory for calibration. Every Orion meter comes with an individually paired On-Demand Calibrator allowing you to easily calibrate your meter anytime*, ensuring that you will always be able to obtain accurate moisture measurements. A NIST-traceable version, with a certificate of calibration, can also be purchased.

*patent pending

Relative Moisture Measurement Mode

A relative moisture measurement mode allows for taking relative moisture measurements in non-wood based materials and engineered wood flooring. This means you can use an Orion moisture meter to obtain relative moisture conditions on a number of non-wood building materials and flooring products.

Press to Hold Readings

On every Orion moisture meter, if you press down once on the ON/HOLD button it will hold the moisture reading you took. This is quite useful if you’re measuring in a hard to reach area.

Programmable Alarm

The Orion includes a user-programmable, audible alarm for high moisture content levels.

7-Year Warranty

Wagner Meters is proud to include the Orion line of pinless moisture meters within our Genuine Wagner 7-Year Warranty program. The longest-lasting warranty in the industry!

Have questions? Give us a call: (541) 291-5124

Technical Specifications

Dimensions with Boot

  • Length: 5.75 inches (146mm)
  • Width: 3.0 inches (76mm)
  • Thickness: 1.0 inches (25mm)

Weight with Boot

  • 7.2 oz. (204g)

Scanning Area

  • 2.0 inches (50mm) x 2.5 inches (63mm)


  • 9-volt battery (Wagner recommends using non-rechargeable Alkaline or Lithium or rechargeable NiMH batteries)

Auto Power Shut-Down

  • 60 seconds

Measurement Ranges

  • MC for wood: 4.0% to 32.0% (range will vary slightly depending on species setting)
  • Relative Measurement Scale: 0-100

Deep Depth Measurement

  • From .75″ (19mm) up to 1.5″ (38mm) in depth

Specific Gravity Range for Wood Species

  • 0.20-1.0 SG

Storage Temperature and Humidity

  • +50˚F to +90˚F (+10˚C to +32˚C), Maximum relative humidity of 95%, Non-condensing

Operating Temperature Range

  • +32˚F to +110˚F (+0˚C to +43˚C)


  Orion 910 Manual
  Species Settings Booklet
   Species Settings for Common Flooring Products



What is an Orion pinless moisture meter?
The Orion series of pinless moisture meters features accuracy, versatility, and quality that can’t be found in other meters. Incorporating enhanced technology, the Orion line leaves our competitors in the sawdust with high-speed moisture content readings, on the site calibration, deep depth measurements, Bluetooth enabled, and EMC calculator.

How does an Orion pinless moisture meter work?
Orion Pinless meters use electromagnetic wave technology. The meter sends out electrical waves at a certain electromagnetic frequency that creates an electromagnetic field in the area under the sensor pad. The meter then produces a moisture content correlated to the signal it reads back. Pinless meters typically test a much larger area than pin-style meters and can “scan” the wood for a more complete moisture content picture. Again, this technology is not without some limitations and can be impacted by density variations.

How do I calibrate an Orion wood moisture meter?

  1. Make sure the serial number on your On-Demand Calibrator (ODC) matches the serial number on your meter.
  2. Place the ODC on its legs on a non-metallic surface.
  3. Turn the meter on, then use the SPECIES/MATERIAL button to put your meter in CAL mode.
  4. Place the meter on the ODC, correctly “seating” the meter sensor pad firmly in the recessed area of the ODC. IMPORTANT: Failure to correctly and firmly “seat” the sensor pad in the recessed area will cause an inaccurate calibration.
  5. Apply light downward pressure, and press the AUDIO button 3 times. The meter will begin to make a “beeping” sound which indicates it’s going through the calibration process.
  6. When the calibration procedure is completed, the meter will display the word LIFT. Immediately remove the meter from the ODC, and hold the meter in the air for approximately 5 seconds until the word DONE appears on the display.
  7. Press the ON/HOLD to return the meter to normal measuring mode.

25 reviews for Orion® 910 Deep Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit

  1. Amazon Customer (verified owner)


  2. Mike, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a pin meter and thought I was getting fairly accurate readings. When my last table I made curled on the end, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the 910. The reading on the PIN meter read 7.8. When I read it with the 910 it was 16.4. If I had gone with the PIN meter and gone ahead and made the table, I’d have the same problem. So glad I made the purchase.

  3. kathleen, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I’ve bought a couple super cheap probe wood moisture meters. You can read the reviews. Differing moisture readings from all over the board. I’ve made a couple of projects from wood I thought were air dried enough and weren’t. In fact I’m sitting next to a giant maple cookie from my son’s first home. I’ve made the leap into selling projects and making custom projects. One split can lose you a customer and never get a referral. The amount of this meter may cost me two projects to pay for but will likely last me years. I don’t kiln dry yet so getting accurate moisture readings is critical. I also have a small sawmill that warranted the purchase. I can now put moisture readings on the rough lumber live edge slabs I sell. From what I’ve researched this one of the two or three brand goto’s for sawyers and has been for years. Tough to beat their reputation. Just made a walnut cookie table a buddy said would sell for $1000 on Etsy. It had consistent 10% reading all over it. Lumber in my stacks read reliably too. So glad I took the plunge.

  4. ronilau, Amazon Customer (verified owner)


  5. K. Mclemore, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Dependable quality!

  6. Kindle Customer (verified owner)

    Some readings were the same as the professional meter of disaster guy. Others were not. Couldn’t get it to read over 32% and that was right over 100% readings of other meters. Returned

  7. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Performed as advertised.

  8. Bryan W Floyd, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Works great! Easy to use and set up

  9. John T. Dippold, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    It was what I expected

  10. rwrand56, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    It is easy to set up for different wood types and seems to work well.

  11. Amazon shopper (verified owner)

    Works as expected

  12. Harlan Ives, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Need to measure the water content of a slab of wood before you cut it to size? This baby is Very accurate and won’t damage your wood with pins! Wagner does make dome slightly more sophisticated meters, but this one is excellent!

  13. K. West, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Very glad I chose this product. Very well made ,versatile, and easy to use.

  14. Bob Barnett, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I was tired of poking holes in wood to see what the moisture content was. This made life easy. It came in and went all of my shop and outside wood storage checking moisture. Much improved over the old method. Ok, it is expensive but I think it was worth it.

  15. J. Stevens, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Really accurate and easy to use! The only bad thing I cab possibly think of is that I don’t believe the screen lights up. For the cost, there should be an option to light up the screen, as some times when checking lumber mc in kilns, it can often be dark/hard to see the numbers etc…

  16. Phoenix, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Nothing I would change although it will take a year before I really understand it.

  17. Barbara, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    My husband Saw this at a wood show and came home to order. Retailer said order from Amazon & save shipping. Using it is easy and it’s being used often for some walnut wood that is drying.

  18. D Simons, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    The moisture meter gives you an edge when working with wood. Putting out a great product one must understand the movement of wood and why. I chose Wagner because of their reputation. In the end, reputation is everything.

  19. Bubblehead, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    I just received some newly sawn oak and my less expensive pin style meter would give me inconsistent reading. Readings would vary considerably depending on pin depth. Seems to be accurate and very consistent with different wood species and drying times. Used it at Home Depot and it detected large variances of lumber on the same stack. I am very pleased with this meter and I wish I had purchased it in the beginning.

  20. John D’Amico, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Works great, easy to use

  21. Stephano Barbieri, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    All good.

  22. John A, Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this moisture meter, after reading a substantial number of reviews and comparisons between different meters and option for measuring the drying of hardwood lumber for woodworking. Comes well packaged and padded in its own hard plastic case, which includes the wood specific density guide, instructions and a device specific calibration plate. Took it out for measurements over the past couple of days to my piles of hard maple, walnut, oak, hickory and cherry, and a few home center 2x4s and had measurements done promptly, accurately (based on what I knew about the lumbers age and drying history), and easily – a real breeze to use. Very happy with how simple it is to change to specific density to adjust between species and I can see this being an asset to my lumber purchases for years to come.

  23. Scott Mills (verified owner)

    Ironwood Mills deals with a great variety of hardwood species. We are grateful to have Tony Morgan at Wagner Meters always available to help with specific gravity numbers that are vital for ensuring that we provide a quality product. The pinless meter is quick, easy, very accurate and a crucial tool for instilling confidence. We love it. One more happy customer.

  24. Wayne (verified owner)

    Completely happy with this quality product.

  25. Paul Licata (verified owner)

    My 910 meter works great. I highly recommend it.

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