Floor Sentry® Wood Floor Data Logger

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The Floor Sentry® embedded wood floor data logger from Wagner Meters monitors and records the internal temperature and RH within your wood floor as well as the temperature and RH on the surface of the concrete subfloor or underlayment.


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Product Description

The Floor Sentry® embedded wood floor data logger is a card-sized device featuring temperature and relative humidity (RH) sensors to monitor and record the internal temperature and RH within your wood floor as well as the temperature and RH on the surface of the concrete subfloor or underlayment. Floor Sentry connects, via Bluetooth®, to the free Wagner Sentry® smart device app for instant monitoring of floor or underlayment conditions, setting alarm threshold levels, viewing graphed progress, and more.


  Floor Sentry Manual
  Floor Sentry Installation Guide
  Wagner Sentry App® Instructions

Download the free Wagner Sentry® app at the Apple Store or Google Play.


Floor Sentry – Installation Guide

Wagner Sentry App Tutorial – How to Use the App

8 reviews for Floor Sentry® Wood Floor Data Logger

  1. Veronica, Amazon Customer

    I have not installed this yet and am looking forward to using this product for my cabin.

  2. pinnerman08, Amazon Customer

    My floor contractor will be installing this for me when we get our new hardwood floors installed. It sounds like a great idea that should protect my floors by letting me know of any issues. I know it connects to my phone with the app and I have already set that up. I just wonder how long the app/device will be supported. Hopefully for many years as the floor is a big expense that should last many years.

  3. Loving Life, Amazon Customer

    Let me first say, I think that this is a great concept, but could probably use some design changes to increase longevity. It is pretty small, having the size of a credit card; however, it is about the thickness of a pencil. Keep that in mind when measuring the thickness of your flooring. The meter works well, I just have concerns about the battery life. I mean the only information I can find on it is that the battery has a shelf life of up to 10 years. My understanding though is that when it comes to shelf life as long as you don’t use it, it will stay good for that long, but what if you are using it? Isn’t that the purpose of this tool is that you continue to use it to monitor. Even if it does last for 10 years are you going to rip up the floor to change it or the battery out? Most floors that you would want to “protect your investment” (for example real hardwood floors) should last 30+ years. It’s a neat idea, I just think that it needs a continual power source to a sensor, maybe multiple sensors throughout the floor would be a better option, to have a real smart floor.

  4. Preston, Amazon Customer

    Very small, easy to use app, accurate readings:

    This device is very small and should fit easily underneath most floorboards without any issue. The Wagner app was also very simple to connect to and the device’s BLE connection is very stable when you’re within range. Having tested the readings (before sealing the floor) with other humidity sensors I own, I confirmed the unit is accurate – this thing gives me great piece of mind that I won’t blindly walk into a multi-thousand dollar repair on my hardwood floors and I’m very grateful for the peace of mind it provides.

    Overall, this is a great unit and I would recommend.

  5. Syl Sabastian, Amazon Customer

    Nice and simple and effective. Very easy to use and it works great doing exactly what it was designed to do. Nice product that in some situations could save a lot of hassle, trouble and money. 🙂

  6. Mary G, Amazon Customer

    Husband and I are using this in our kitchen, and we like having some peace of mind that we’ll be alerted in case of a water leak. It’s small and fit well, was easy to install, and a preliminary test shows it will work effectively.

  7. Mad Max, Amazon Customer

    This is a great idea to protect and monitor your floors. The only challenge is figuring out how and where to install it. They include detailed instructions (such as one unit every 2,000 ft2), but I would think installing it near the plumbing would be the ideal scenario (ie, near the kitchen sink or dishwasher). The app is super easy – installed in seconds, immediately paired with the device, and I was reading my stats within two minutes of unboxing.

    It’s got a 10 year battery life. Depending on your situation, if you can reach the device you may be able to replace the battery (if the bluetooth is still working, that is). However, it’s not intended to replace the battery, this thing is sealed up, it will require some minor surgery to get to the battery.

    My first concern – this arrived turned on. There is no tab over the battery compartment to pull out. I don’t know the assembly date, but did this shorten the life of the battery?

    Another concern – I hate having one more app on my phone for one more smart thing. They are definitely correct that this could save tens of thousands of dollars. It’s primary goal is to alert you to long term humidity problems by monitoring humidity & temperature. But I suspect it could conceivably alert you to a fire, a water leak, and many other things. But I wish it could just send me a text or email, or tie into the Smart Life app. Also, I typically have my bluetooth turned off while in the house, meaning that it wouldn’t be able to alert me to an acute situation (like a leak or fire).

    My final concern is installation. The instructions only cover one scenario – new hardwood install, and routing a cavity into the hardwood and placing the device inside the cavity above your underlayment. But surely there are ways to retrofit this onto existing floors, and ways to use it without routing out a cavity. If you’re interested in doing this, I would encourage you to request advice about your specific situation.

  8. Ring-Wraith, Amazon Customer

    I’m just finishing installing my wood flooring in my house that I’ve been working on for weeks. Then I stumble upon this little gem and it couldn’t have been better timing. Now I was able to install it before I finished sealing up the floors. Keep in mind that you’ll need to “install” the sensor into the flooring. What I mean by that is you’ll need to use a router to create a slot for the sensor to sit inside of on the bottom of one of the planks. Luckily I had a neighbor that I was able to borrow a router from, because that’s not a tool that most people have. I would also recommend installing it on one of the boards that are closer to the end of the room. That way if there’s any sort of issue, then at least you won’t have to rip out the entire room to get to it. The sensor itself is supposed to last for 10 years, but only time will tell when it comes to that. So at least theoretically I have some peace of mind knowing that I can keep track of the temperature and relative humidity of my expensive flooring.

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