Moisture Measurement Systems for Sawmills and Wood Products Manufacturers

Why Choose Wagner Moisture Measurement Solutions?

Omega In-Line and MC4000 In-Kiln moisture measurement systems will improve your return on investment

Return on Investment

Improve your grade recovery, along with your bottom line, when you use Wagner’s [Omega In-Line and MC4000 In-Kiln] moisture measurement systems, hand-held moisture meters, and sawmill sorting systems to lessen drying-related degrade.
Wagner Meters has been leading the way with product innovations for the forest products industry


Wagner leads the forest products industry in innovation. Our decades of research have resulted in a number of leading-edge patents, which means you get the very latest in moisture measurement technology.
Wagner Meters has more than 50 years of experience developing moisture measurement systems

Benefit from
Our Experience & Expertise

Add over 50 years of combined experience in moisture measurement systems, moisture data analysis and technology to your team when you partner with Wagner. Our engineering and technical staff are committed to your success.
The most important tool for the forest industry - Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System

Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System

The Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System is your most important moisture data collection and analysis tool. Pre-planer or post-planer, sideways or end-to-end, the benefits are the same when you use the Wagner Omega System to detect and monitor QC issues: minimized moisture-related degrade that will improve both grade recovery and the bottom line. Learn More

MC4000 In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System

Is that kiln charge ready to pull? You can make a better-informed decision with the MC4000 In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System. The MC4000 is the latest in Wagner’s revolutionary in-kiln moisture measurement system concepts.

The MC4000 measures up to eight separate zones to give you the information you need. It functions well in kiln environments up to 300°F and offers an open architecture design, which allows integration with common kiln control systems.

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Wagner hand-held moisture meters for sawmills or wood product manufacturing plants

Wagner Hand-Held
Moisture Meters

You can scan even large boards from end to end in seconds, using the rugged L600 Series of hand-held moisture meters.

These meters are designed for the demanding environment of the sawmill or wood products manufacturing plant. Reach deep into stickered units of lumber with our L722 Stack Probe and take accurate moisture readings without the danger of broken pins.

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