Hand Held Meters for Mills & Secondary Wood Manufacturers

L601-3 Handheld Moisture Meter

The rugged L601-3 is specifically designed for the demanding environments of
primary mills or wood products manufacturing plants where quick scanning of
lumber is a must.

Even large boards can be scanned from end to end in seconds; it makes the job
of moisture measurement easier, more thorough, and more accurate.

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The affordable L620 Digital Moisture Meter from Wagner Meters combines proven wood-friendly electromagnetic scanning with an easy-to-read LCD screen, featuring a full function two-line 32-character display.

A simple menu system guides you step by step through the selecting, storing, and reporting process.

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Aware of today’s growing need for timely, accurate moisture monitoring information and record keeping for mills, we have introduced the L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter.

In the 15%+ moisture content range, the L622 has improved accuracy over earlier models, combining non-pin “wood-friendly” scanning with our latest micro-computer technology.

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Probe Sensor

The Model L722 Stack Probe Sensor – coupled with the L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter – makes it easy to reach deep into stickered units of lumber and take accurate moisture readings without the danger of broken pins. Ruggedly-built, the L722 can take accurate in-kiln readings, even when temperatures reach 200° F (93° C) or more, or take readings of lumber removed from the kiln and stored prior to planing.

Wagner Meters’ electromagnetic wave technology makes it possible to take multiple readings throughout an entire stack in just minutes.

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Designed for applications in either lumber producing or wood manufacturing markets, the MMI1100 moisture meter is easy to use, easy to program, and offers data collection and assessment capabilities in the palm of your hand.

The MMI1100 moisture meter is perfect for QC personnel for those applications where simple data analysis is critical.

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