Moisture Meters for Wood Flooring Contractors and Installers

As a wood flooring professional or contractor, you’re well aware that hardwood floors add warmth and beauty to a home . . . increasing their appeal and long life.

You also know all too well that if a wood floor’s moisture content is too high when installed, it could soon show ugly cracks and other tell-tale signs of excessive moisture – resulting in a costly call back, ruined reputation, or even legal claims.

Some really good news, however, is that we at Wagner Meters can help you avoid those kinds of headaches. How? Keep reading . . .

Moisture Measurements Made Better with Orion®

We’re excited to introduce you to our most accurate, technologically advanced, and versatile flooring moisture meters ever developed – Orion. We specifically designed Orion meters to make your flooring installations easier, faster, and way more successful!

There are too many features to tell you here, so we’ll just mention those that could have the biggest impact on your business.

Orion 950

Dual-Depth Readings

Orion gives you the best of both worlds – deep and shallow depth readings. The shallow depth feature (1/4-inch or 6.35mm thick) allows you to read moisture content in thin samples such as wood flooring or to check the dryness of waterborne finishes between each coat to expedite the finishing process.

With the deep depth feature (up to 1.5-inches or 38.1mm deep), you can measure moisture in subfloors or thicker materials to check for wet spots or problem areas.

On-site Calibration

Before you start an installation, it makes good sense to calibrate your flooring moisture meter. It’s critical to know you can trust your instruments are accurate and performing. Bad moisture readings can lead to bad outcomes, and Wagner Meters has taken steps to ensure that bad readings never happen again.

Like any electronic device, meters can lose calibration unexpectedly. You drop your meter, it’s exposed to excessive heat or moisture, or it succumbs to everyday use.

Now, sure, there are meters that tell you when they need calibration, but you have to ship them to the manufacturer for recalibration. That’s an inconvenience costing you time and money.

Not so with Orion. In addition to a protective rubber boot, every Orion moisture meter comes with an On-Demand Calibrator that allows you to calibrate the meter anywhere at any time. It’s exclusive only to Wagner’s Orion moisture meters and takes only a minute. No other meter offers you this time and money-saving convenience along with the assurance of calibrated accuracy for the life of the meter.


When you install expensive wood flooring – like cherry, oak, or exotic woods like Brazilian walnut or mahogany – you don’t want to punch unsightly holes in them and then have to hassle with filling them in as you do using pin meters. With Orion, you avoid this hassle altogether.

Plus, with pinless, you can quickly measure the moisture content of many board feet with amazing accuracy in mere minutes. You complete installations in much less time than if you used a pin meter. Remember the saying: time is money.

Data Collection

Need to collect and store data on your wood flooring materials? Two of our models allow you to take high/low/average moisture content readings for each job or stack of wood flooring. And, with our FloorSmart™ Bluetooth® app, you can transfer this data in your computer or smartphone and access when needed.

Programmable Alert

Every Orion comes with an audible and programmable alarm for high moisture content levels. This is especially useful for measuring subfloors or monitoring areas suspected of having high moisture.

Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)

Available only in our top model, this feature uses data from the meter’s temperature/humidity sensor and calculates EMC. This is ideal for checking ambient conditions in a room – then letting you know if a wood specimen is at the point of equilibrium with its environment and ready for installation.

Industry-Best 7-Year Warranty

While Orion meters are built for exceptional dependability, should you ever have any problems, you’re covered up to 7 years. Along with our unparalleled customer service, no other company backs their meters like Wagner. How’s that for peace of mind!

Choose One Best Suited to Your Needs

Each Orion model offers unique functions and features,
so you can pick the meter that best suits your needs.

Orion 910, ideal for taking deep depth readings (up to 1.5” or 38.1mm), works great measuring subfloor wet spots or problem areas.

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Orion 930 offers both deep and shallow depth readings. While most of your work probably involves thicker wood stock, should you ever need to monitor thin woods, check waterborne finishes, or other thin surface applications up to ¼-inch deep, the 930’s got you covered.

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Orion 950, our most advanced model, is perfect for any flooring professional. Equipped with all the functions and features of the meters above, the 950 also features a humidity and temperature sensor that provides you with your woods EMC. The 950 comes equipped with Bluetooth technology to connect with our free FloorSmart app, available for iOS® and Android™ devices. With the app, you can receive and record data, set specifications for separate jobs, and much more.

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The Longevity of Your Floor and Reputation Made Better with Help from the Team

Step up to the next level of protection with reliable long-term monitoring provided by our stealth wireless temperature and relative humidity (RH) data loggers. With the Smart Logger™ and Floor Sentry®, you can monitor ambient conditions above and below the floor for maximum temperature and RH data points collected at timed intervals over years if necessary. The best part, they’re easily embedded or placed in spots not easily noticed. Follow up on the conditions surrounding your installed floor and provide your customer peace of mind with tools to help them mitigate the risk of moisture-related failure. It’s a great way to get good reviews, not to mention a better night’s sleep.

Shield Your Business from Liability and Your Customers from Heartbreak with the Floor Sentry

Protection for your hardwood floors: the Floor Sentry is a card-sized device that embeds in the underside of a flooring plank to continuously monitor and record temperature and relative humidity of your wood floor and concrete subfloor or plywood underlayment. It’s your above-and-below super sleuth to help you identify past and recent temperature and RH conditions that may have contributed to a moisture-related flooring failure or show you current conditions that may adversely affect the floor’s condition. Use the free Wagner Sentry app to set data recording intervals and collect stored readings months or years after installation. Your customers will certainly value the ability to proactively maintain the health and longevity of their wood floor by monitoring RH and temperature conditions with the Floor Sentry.

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Get Ambient Conditions Data Above the Floor with the Smart Logger Temp/RH Data Logger

The Smart Logger™ device connects with the Smart Logger™ app via Bluetooth® 4.0 connection and enables you to monitor and record ambient relative humidity and temperature data in real-time from up to 300 devices for up to 300 days. The app's user-friendly interface allows you to program reading intervals, set alarm ranges, and email any of up to 12,000 data reports directly from the job site. Save time and money by reducing the need for excess job site visits to monitor ambient conditions. Reduce your liability and avoid “the blame game” with documented monitoring of job site conditions. Give your customers a value-added product to help them maintain their wood floor for years to come.

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