DataGrabber® Data Logger with Bluetooth® for Rapid RH® L6 (Qty of 5)

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• The ultimate in RH data automation. No Total Reader® required.
• Snap the L6 DataGrabber® with Bluetooth® into the L6 Smart Sensor.
• Use the DataMaster™ L6 app to schedule your data collection.
• Automatically collect data from all DataGrabbers with Bluetooth within range.


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Product Description

Your smart device will detect any Wagner Meters wireless device that features Bluetooth connectivity and will perform the pairing procedure automatically. There is nothing you need to do, the devices do the work for you.

The ultimate in RH data automation! Snap the L6 DataGrabber with Bluetooth into the L6 Smart Sensor, then use the DataMaster L6 app to set up a schedule for data collection. The L6 DataGrabber takes readings on your defined schedule and stores them in the onboard memory built into the L6 Smart Sensor. Use the free DataMaster L6 app to collect the data directly from the L6 DataGrabber with Bluetooth – no Total Reader required. You can collect the data from all L6 DataGrabbers with Bluetooth within Bluetooth range in seconds! (The DataMaster L6 app requires iOS 10.0 and Android 7.2 or later.)

The DataGrabber can easily be removed from the Smart Sensor using the L6 DataGrabber with Bluetooth Extraction Tool (included with your DataGrabber purchase) so you can use it again.

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 DataGrabber® Data Logger Manual
 How to use the DataMaster™ L6 App
 Rapid RH L6 Floor Map

DataMaster™ L6

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The DataMaster™ L6 improves upon the incredible utility of the DataMaster 5.0 app with streamlined navigation to information and reporting functions making your concrete slab relative humidity (RH) testing faster and easier than before. The DataMaster L6 app connects via Bluetooth® to the Rapid RH® Total Reader® for a completely wireless system of reading, recording, and reporting your concrete slab moisture test data. The DataMaster L6 takes advantage of an unbroken stream of data to give you the highest level of data integrity.

  • Capture, assemble, and email all data necessary to adhere to the ASTM F2170 standard.
  • Ensure the integrity of your critical Rapid RH data from sensors and email “READ ONLY” reports.
  • Link all recorded data to your job site’s sensor locations with a mapping function.
  • Input job metadata such as job name, address, and hole depth.
  • Add photos, audio memos, and text notes to your job info.
  • Print reports directly from your smart device.
  • Easily upload your job data to the website.

Rapid RH L6 now includes automated data logger technology. The DataGrabber with Bluetooth, a self-contained device designed to fit inside a Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensor, will periodically engage the sensor to store time-stamped concrete temperature and RH readings according to the time interval set by the user. The DataGrabber with Bluetooth connects directly to the free DataMaster L6 app for wireless download of sensor readings and programming of sensor reading intervals. While connected, you can also download all previous time-stamped concrete RH and temperature readings directly from the L6 Smart Sensor.

The DataMaster L6 app is designed to be used only with Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensors, Rapid RH DataGrabbers, and the Rapid RH Total Reader for fast, accurate, and reliable RH testing.

Datamaster Apple App  Datamaster Android App

DataMaster L6 Tutorial


DataGrabber with Bluetooth – What is it?

How to Install DataGrabber with Bluetooth

Concrete Moisture Testing the Correct Way


What does equilibration mean when talking about moisture testing?
Equilibration, or when moisture readings in a concrete slab stabilize and stop changing, occurs when a drilled hole achieves thermal and moisture equilibrium. For the accuracy of the readings, it is necessary to wait until equilibrium is restored after drilling. In most cases, the Rapid RH® Smart Sensor will be within 3-5% of the final reading one hour after installation. Follow ASTM F2170 procedures pertaining to equilibration time. Once equilibration is achieved, future readings can be taken instantaneously with the Rapid RH® Total Reader® or Smart Reader.

What is Touch-n-Sense™ Technology (for L6)?
Touch-n-Sense™ is our patent-pending technology, integrated into the Rapid RH® Total Reader to enable it to automatically take a reading when placed in contact with the Rapid RH® L6 Smart Sensors. Once the bottom of the Total Reader makes contact with the Smart Sensor, it takes a reading. The Total Reader holds the reading for 5 minutes, even when removed from the test hole. It also sends send readings to your mobile device via Bluetooth®. It’s just that easy.

How long will the display on the Rapid RH® Total Reader stay on?
The display on the Rapid RH® Total Reader will toggle between RH (%) and temperature readings for a period of five minutes before it turns itself off.

Does my Rapid RH® Total Reader need to be calibrated periodically?
No. Each Rapid RH Smart Sensor has an embedded calibration from the factory.* The Total Reader simply displays what the Smart Sensor tells it. Therefore, no calibration is necessary.


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