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Building Inspection & Restoration Moisture Meters

At Wagner Meters, we understand how damaging and costly moisture intrusion can be in a home or building. It can lead to foundation cracks or settlement, wood rot and decay, pest infestations, metal corrosion, and perhaps worst of all, mold growth.

Determining the extent of moisture intrusion and migration requires the use of reliable and accurate moisture measurement tools. They enable you to provide property owners with a more valuable and thorough inspection.

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Fast, Accurate Moisture
Detection and Measurement

Professional-grade moisture meters and other high-performance moisture detection/measurement equipment streamline the inspection process by helping you quickly and accurately detect the exact locations of moisture and water intrusion within a home or building.

While possessing this kind of information, homeowners, property owners, and even buyers can make informed decisions on how to deal with this problem.

With its long-standing reputation for manufacturing highly accurate, reliable moisture detection equipment, Wagner Meters gives building inspectors and mold remediation specialists complete confidence that they are obtaining useful moisture readings.

Knowing the full extent of moisture damage is critical for effective restoration and remediation.

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what is a pinless moisture meter

Choose Between Two Inspection Kits

The Building Inspector’s Basic Kit and the Building Inspector’s Ultimate 5.0 Kit.

Basic Inspection Kit

he Basic Inspection Kit includes the Orion® 950 Moisture Meter, the TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer, two Smart Loggers™ and the Infrared Thermometer.

The Orion® 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter with temperature/RH brings dual depth pinless moisture measuring capabilities as well as a Bluetooth® connection to the free FloorSmart™ and Woodshop MC apps, temperature and relative humidity monitoring, EMC calculation, and much more. It’s the all in one handheld meter.

Two Smart Logger™ temperature and humidity recorders with Bluetooth® connect to the free Smart Logger™ app that allows you to monitor, record, and send up to 300 days of ambient conditions readings.

The Infrared Thermometer assesses and verifies the temperature of concrete slab surfaces.

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Ultimate Inspection Kit

The Ultimate Inspection Kit includes everything contained in the Basic Kit, plus the Rapid RH® 5.0 concrete slab relative humidity testing package that meets the ASTM F2170 test standard. Wagner developed the Rapid RH® with Touch-n-Sense™ technology for accurate, virtually automatic relative humidity testing of concrete.

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Smart Logger™ Bluetooth® Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

The Smart Logger™ is a small, lightweight, easily portable and highly accurate monitoring device that tracks ambient temperature and humidity conditions when flooring professionals are away from the job site. It can also be utilized during the wood flooring acclimation process and the storage of wood flooring. The Smart Logger is capable of storing up to 12,000 pieces of data over a period of up to 300 days.

The Smart Logger monitor incorporates the latest Bluetooth® technology and works in tandem with the Smart Logger app, which can be downloaded for free at the Apple Store or Google Play. The app connects the Smart Logger monitor through a mobile device’s Bluetooth (Android or iOS devices), enabling users to transmit and record data, and even send reports via email.

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Moisture Meters for Building Inspectors & Restoration

If we asked you what’s one of the most damaging or costly problems you encounter when doing a building or home inspection or working on a building restoration project, we’re willing to bet you’d say it’s related in some way to moisture.

Because moisture intrusion/migration often appears in areas that are hidden and not readily apparent during a visual inspection, your ace-in-the-hole for finding hidden dampness is a moisture meter.

And speaking of moisture meters . . . we at Wagner Meters believe our meters will outperform any meter you’re now using.

Yes, that’s a bold statement. But keep reading to learn why we make that claim . . .

Product Quality and
Customer Service Matter

When you purchase an inspection kit from Wagner Meters, you can be assured that it will provide you with moisture-detection equipment of the highest quality for the utmost reliability and accuracy.

Our 50+ year track record of quality performance stands as proof. In addition to providing you with professional-grade equipment for exceptional accuracy and reliability, Wagner Meters also offers you superior technical service and customer support.

It’s why customer satisfaction ranks so high among Wagner Meters’ customers. Of course, we wouldn’t want it any other way!