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Orion® 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit


• Smart data collection & dual depth pinless moisture meter. Bluetooth Enabled.
• IntelliSense technology backed with a 7-year warranty.
• Calculate EMC. Temperature and humidity sensor.
• Relative measurement mode to measure non-solid wood such as drywall.
• Includes an on-demand calibrator.

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Smart Logger™ V2 | Bluetooth® Temperature & Humidity Data Logger


The Smart Logger V2 is a discrete Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger. Captures, records, and sends up to 16,384 readings of ambient temperature and relative humidity data.

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WBI200+ Building Inspection Starter Kit


Allows inspectors to quickly and easily identify the location of moisture with pinpoint accuracy.

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WBI500+ Building Inspection Ultimate Kit with Rapid RH® 5.0


Includes everything from the WBI200+ Building Inspection Starter Kit plus the Concrete Moisture Test Starter Kit+ with Rapid RH® 5.0.

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Infrared Thermometer


Ideal for building inspectors as well as finished flooring and coating contractors. The Infrared (IR) Thermometer features Data Hold, an LCD backlit screen, easy Fahrenheit/Celsius switch, 7-second Auto-Off, and Low Battery Indication.

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TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer


Measure temperature (F or C), relative humidity, and dew point before, during, and after your flooring installation and woodworking applications.

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