TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer

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Measure temperature (F or C), relative humidity, and dew point before, during, and after your flooring installation and woodworking applications.

Product Description

The TH-200 is a convenient, pocket-size device that displays temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), relative humidity, and dew point.

Knowing and maintaining correct ambient conditions is critical in flooring installation and woodworking applications. The Wagner Meters TH-200 Pen-Style Thermo-Hygrometer is an ideal and convenient tool for flooring installers, woodworkers, and inspectors when critical temperature, relative humidity, and dew point information must be known. The pen-style design makes for easy carrying, and the 3-button controls are very simple-to-use.

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A Thermo-Hygrometer and IR Thermometer

12 reviews for TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer

  1. AW2222, Amazon Customer

    Have you ever seen a problem that involves precision or accuracy? That really sums up this device. I cannot tell if it is precise or accurate. I reviewed this item with the intent of testing my Ecobee humidity readings and calibrating with the TH-200 meter. I placed it next to my Ecobee thermostats around the house expecting there to be a consistent bias but that was not the case. In some cases it was aligned with the Ecobee in other cases it was under by approximately 5% once the reading finally stabilized. I decided to split the difference and calibrate them at 2.5%. Overall it is a nice meter and easy to use just understand that it is entirely possible that you may not get repeatable results. I’m rating the meter 4/5 stars.

  2. J. P. Burke, Amazon Customer

    I ordered this meter to test the environment in my house and classroom because often students report being cold or hot and I want to be able to show them an accurate measurement of the temperature. But I was also able to show them that it feels chillier when the air is dry.

    This meter allowed me to demonstrate that when there’s more humidity in a room, it feels warmer even if the temperature is the same.

    I’m still finding ways to use this meter, and it’s been both reliable and accurate.

  3. Edward Pritchard, Amazon Customer

    Versatile handheld thermo hygrometer. Complete with a digital display, the tool reads the temperature and humidity levels. Perfect for recording readings in performance journals.

  4. Kelly Smith, Amazon Customer

    This handy item is a real bargain. Tuck it in a pocket, tool-belt, tool-box, whatever, it’s easy to carry, easy to use and most importantly it reads accurately.

    Wagner quality shines through with this The Wagner Meters TH-200 pen-style Thermo-Hygrometer. If you are a woodworker, home-inspector or floor installer the TH-200 is a perfect addition to your go-to tool set.

  5. D. Drummond, Amazon Customer

    Not a bad little tool, but the one I received doesn’t take instant measurements, something you might be accustomed to in a tool like a typical human bathroom thermometer. Seems to be made well enough it would survive a drop to concrete if you dropped it from your hand while standing.

    When I got mine, it had been on the porch in a box on a cool day. I turned it on and it was measuring in the 50s F. I could see it slowly tick up 1 degree at a time. I sat it on the desk and left it and it took over 5 minutes to come up to room temp at 77F. I’ve tried it a few times since and it’s still slow to adjust, approximately about 1 degree every 2 seconds.

    It does seem to be accurate compared to other thermometers I have. The other measurements were on par with my weather station measured at the same sensor location.

    I can see it being useful unless you need an instant measurement. Since it takes a bit and isn’t instant, I did knock off one star for that. The application I wanted to use this for I need a pretty quick reading so I’m not sure if it will work for me or not yet.

  6. Beth Claire, Amazon Customer

    I’m renovating my kitchen and doing it all DIY. It’s really important for some of the materials I’m using that I’m sure of what the humidity and temperature is before installation.

    I borrowed a high end unit from a friend to double check the accuracy of this, and I had no trouble getting it set up and all of the readings appear to be accurate.

    It’s small and easily fits in my pocket while I’m working. I’d definitely recommend this, especially since it’s a huge cost savings over the brand name units.

  7. Tim, Amazon Customer

    I’m very impressed with the quality of this unit. it comes with the CR2032 battery and starts up with a little chirp. It’s easy to use, although there are a number of measurements that you can take which aren’t very explanatory. The manual tells you how to change the measurements, but doesn’t explain what they are. You will need to do some google searching for explanations unless you are familiar with them. Otherwise, the unit performs as expected.

  8. Mike Daniels, Amazon customer

    Works easily and portable

  9. Beanznrice1, Amazon Customer

    This little guy is still going strong. At a fraction of the cost of my YJ. I needed a backup and thought I’d try this one. Glad I did. Now, when I have a choice, I grab this one. And I use them every day. Go in, get wet bulb. Go out and check superheat. Adjust as needed. Thats my job and this helps me get it done.

  10. Metro Atl Floors, Amazon Customer

    I think the meter is reading high…not certai, maybe my other meter is off …I’ll be checking them this week.

  11. cingram83, Amazon Customer

    Works great!!!

  12. KTS, Amazon

    Much better than the UTi DTH10 digital hygrometer ordered then sent back. It was wildly off and had far fewer functions. This gives min. max. avg. for all modes and has only a +/- 3% error for Relative Humidity as compared to the UTi’s (and most other’s 5%.) It gives dew point, and a bunch of other reading that I don’t really need but might some day. In use, when stationary with no wind from fans or AC the UTi fluctuated wildly, +/- up to 10 in RH mode. This Wagner unit is very steady. It had much better build quality and is thus hands down better that the UTi. Of course it isn’t a Delmhorst or similar $300+ unit, but for $50 it is a much better value by far.

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