Rapid RH® L6

An Overview of the Rapid RH L6 Systems

The Best RH Test Just Got Better

The Rapid RH® L6 system, an enhanced version of the already popular Rapid RH system, consolidates many concrete moisture testing features into a simpler process while featuring advanced technology that makes reporting faster, easier, and more reliable, even in concrete slabs with a relative humidity of up to 100%.

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I still have 4.0 EX sensors

Familiar Sensor Design, Added Capabilities

Although it looks similar to the Rapid RH 4.0 EX Smart Sensor, the new green L6 Smart Sensor will provide accurate concrete moisture readings up to 100% RH. Also, each L6 sensor includes an onboard memory device capable of storing 512 time-stamped measurements so you can come back years later, retrieve an embedded sensor, and recover the historical data.

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The Simple Rapid RH L6 System Is All You Need

Rapid RH is still the best of the best. If you want a simple and quick process to get the most reliable results, get it done with the basic kit.

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But If You're Looking for Additional Wireless and Automation Enhancements...

A New Reader Design with Enhanced DataMaster App

The new all-in-one Total Reader® combines the rugged reliability and accuracy of the handy Easy Reader and wireless Rapid RH Smart Reader into a single easy-to-use device. The Total Reader instantly reads and displays concrete RH and temperature data from the Smart Sensors. The Total Reader will also transmit, via Bluetooth®, to the free DataMaster™ L6 recording and reporting app.

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The DataMaster L6 app gives you Maximum Data Integrity

The DataMaster L6 app connects via Bluetooth to the Rapid RH Total Reader for a completely wireless system of reading, recording, and reporting your concrete slab moisture test data. DataMaster L6 takes advantage of an unbroken stream of data to give you the highest level of data integrity.

Note: The DataMaster L6 app is designed to be used only with Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensors, the Rapid RH Total Reader.

What Can the DataMaster App Do for You?
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Rapid RH L6 Frequently Asked Questions

I still have 4.0 EX sensors. How does this affect me?

You’re still working with the best concrete RH test in the industry. Feel free to use the rest of your 4.0 EX Smart Sensors. When you’re ready to replenish your sensor stock, simply order a new value pack of L6 sensors. You’ll also need the NEW Total Reader and the Rapid RH L6 Insertion Tool. Once you have these, you’re ready to make a seamless transition to the next generation of RH testing technology for a relatively small additional investment. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the added features.

Do I have to buy a new reader?

The new L6 Smart Sensors are not compatible with previous readers (i.e., the Smart Reader and the Easy Reader). We’ve designed the new Total Reader to have stronger, more ruggedized pins (in addition to other features), necessitating a change in the compatibility.

To make this transition as easy as possible for our customers, the Starter Kit+ and WFP400+ Professional Kit come with a Total Reader. We also offer a 5 pack of Smart Sensors that includes a Total Reader.
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Learn How to Install the Rapid RH L6

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The industry-leading Rapid RH system continues to be the simplest F2170 test with the lowest cost per test.

With Rapid RH L6, now it’s even easier!

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