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As a woodworker, we think you’ll agree – wood makes you feel good. It’s warm and inviting and adds texture, color, and visual interest to any space.

No doubt, these wonderful qualities of wood top the list of reasons why you enjoy working with wood.

Unfortunately, a lot of woodworking projects fail because of moisture-related issues. Happens all too often . . . all because a woodworker fails to understand how moisture can affect and ruin a wood project. Imagine the frustration plus wasted time and money!

But the fact that you’re here on this page is good . . . shows you do understand the importance of the moisture/wood relationship . . . and the value of a quality wood moisture meter.

Introducing Our Most Advanced Moisture Meters: Orion®

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our most accurate, technologically advanced, and versatile moisture meters in the history of Wagner moisture meters – Orion. We developed Orion based on what woodworkers like you wanted in a moisture meter for woodworking.

Orion moisture meters come with a wide range of features. Let’s look at a few you’ll especially like . . .

Orion 950


With Orion, you avoid poking unsightly holes in your wood like you would with pin meters. So you never have to hassle with filling in the holes or messing with glues and stains to cover them up. Additionally, pinless meters are over 3 times faster than any pin-type meter for gathering measurements.

Superior Accuracy, On-Demand Calibration

Wagner’s Orion line of moisture meters for woodworking utilizes Wagner’s long-proven non-pin technology to provide superior accuracy, but all measurement instruments need to be periodically checked for calibration, and, if necessary, recalibrated back to factory standards. This process is critical. And, like many other measurement instruments, moisture meters are electronic devices that could lose calibration when dropped or used in a rough environment.

With competitive moisture meters, you may be able to verify when they are out of calibration, but not actually recalibrate them yourself. If they do need recalibration, you have to send it to the manufacturer – an inconvenience costing you time and money.

Not with Orion. It’s the only woodworking moisture meter that allows you, the user, to recalibrate your own meter back to factory standards. No shipping to the factory, no waiting and no downtime because of it. And with Orion meters, calibration is a breeze. Using our On-Demand Calibrator, it takes you less than a minute and you’re back in business.

Deep Measurements

Wagner’s Orion meters measure moisture IN the wood, not ON the wood. This gives you a truer picture of your wood’s moisture content.

Say you store your wood outside or someplace where it gets wet. That surface moisture will significantly skew the results of other meters. But Wagner’s IntelliSense™ technology in the 910, 930, 940 and 950 models, minimizes the effect of surface moisture so you have a better idea of the actual moisture content IN the wood. Just wipe off any standing water, wait 60 seconds and take your readings.

And, depending on where you store your wood, its temperature can also affect a meter’s reading. Again, not with Orion meters which are virtually unaffected by temperature changes.

Another important point . . .

You’ve invested in quality, precision woodworking tools for crafting a table, a chest-of-drawers, and the like, my guess is you also want a precision-made, quality moisture meter that gives you consistently accurate readings. That’s what you get with Orion. Not some cheap “bargain” meter that’s often poorly made . . . inaccurate under a variety of conditions like temperature and surface moisture . . . and provides better accuracy in the lower range of moisture content– the range most critical for many of your woodworking projects.

Species Settings

If you use a cheap moisture meter with some limited range of standard species settings defaults, your moisture readings from species to species could be several percentage points off. That could be disastrous!

With our Fast Selection Species Settings capability, you easily and quickly set your Orion for the wood species you need to measure to ensure accurate readings, and the range of settings covers practically any softwood or hardwood species in the world.

Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC)

If you bring wood into your shop from a storage shed, you may want to know when that wood reaches equilibrium and no longer gains or loses moisture.

Our 950 model can sense the humidity and temperature in your shop and calculate your shop’s EMC. By comparing your wood’s moisture content with the shop’s EMC, you’ll know precisely how much the wood is going to dry or gain moisture, and when it’s ready for your next project.

Industry-Leading 7-Year Warranty

When you invest in an Orion hand-held moisture meter, you expect it to give you years of service. So do we. That’s why we offer you an industry-best 7-year warranty and unparalleled customer support. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if anything ever goes wrong with your Orion meter, you’ve got 7 years of protection – something you won’t get from any other meter manufacturer.

Find the Right Orion® Meter for Your Woodshop

Check out our Orion lineup and choose the model best suited for your needs:

Orion 910, featuring deep depth readings up to 1.5-inches, is not a “surface” meter. Besides its use in the shop, it’s also great for checking wood you’re about to buy, including milled or kiln-dried wood and live edge slabs. This lets you know if the MC is too high, too low or just right. The 910 is a comparable replacement to Wagner’s popular MMC220 legacy meter – except it’s better in every way.

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Orion 930

Orion 930 offers both deep and shallow depth readings. While most of your work probably involves thicker wood stock, should you ever need to monitor thin woods, check waterborne finishes, or other thin surface applications up to ¼-inch deep, the 930’s got you covered.

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Orion Moisture Meter 950

Orion 950, our most advanced moisture meter model, offers all of the above features plus a humidity and temperature sensor that helps you calculate EMC. This is great if you’re building, say a dining table, and want to know how environmental conditions will affect the table once it’s placed. And, if you use lots of wood, the 950 comes equipped with Bluetooth® technology to connect with our free Woodshop MC™ app, available for iOS® and Android™ devices. With the app, you can receive and record data, set specifications for separate jobs, and much more.

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