MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System

MC4000 In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System

Proudly Made in America by Wagner Meters

MC 4000 In-Kiln System ConsoleIn the 1970s, with the introduction of our Model 778, Wagner Electronics revolutionized the industry with the first generation of electrical field-based in-kiln moisture measurement systems. Ruggedly designed and easy to use, Wagner has continued to refine and update this basic and proven design concept with the launch of our current model MC4000.

The MC4000 can stand alone as a valuable, automatic in-kiln moisture measurement system, or can be interfaced with computerized kiln control system software packages, providing the kiln operator with an accurate moisture measurement and monitoring tool to afford more control over the kiln drying operation.

A typical MC4000 system consists of:Lumber kiln

  • One or more Per Kiln Units (PKU; one main enclosure per kiln)
  • At least four Sending Units (moisture sensing zones per kiln; 9 maximum per kiln)
  • The main MC4000 computer with user interface software for setup and monitoring of the moisture content status of each sensing zone in each kiln during the drying process

A Closer Look at the MC4000 Software

The MC4000 software application offers a real-time view of the moisture content for each sensing zone and provides a moisture content trend graph of all of the sensors during the drying schedule. Additionally, the MC4000 software allows the user to set up, for each new charge, a moisture content average shutdown or alert set-point for the charge. When the average moisture content of a kiln’s Sending Units’ (moisture sensing zones) measurements reaches the set-point, a relay output activation will occur that can trigger an alert notification signal to annunciator panels or a shutdown command to kiln control system hardware.

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Why do you need the MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System?

MC4000 Sending Unit

Sending Unit

The MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System can help your operation cut losses due to drying-related degrade, minimize labor-intensive manual checking, and generally make your lumber drying process more effective.

  • Saves money by cutting the high costs of degradation due to over-drying
  • Provides precise and repeatable MC measurement for consistent results at endpoint
  • Minimizes or eliminates manual “hot checks”
  • Eliminates excessive energy costs due to unnecessary over-drying

MC4000 Features

MC4000 Clamps

MC4000 Clamps

  • Displays moisture content trending of sensors throughout the drying process
  • Designed to operate reliably even in a kiln temperature of 300° F
  • Large sensing zones; obtain average moisture content between sensor plates
  • Automatic alert or shutdown and shutdown alarm based on a moisture set-point
  • Open architecture allows integration with virtually any computerized kiln controller

Why Should You Partner With Wagner Meters?

Wagner has built a reputation for servicing customers efficiently and in a timely manner when problems arise. With Wagner, you get the long-term support you should expect.

For the MC4000, and other Wagner systems, this support includes remote online troubleshooting of your specific system application. At Wagner, our goal is to provide superior customer support.

Remember, when you partner with Wagner, we become a part of your team.

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