12 Days of Woodworking Christmas Ideas

The holiday season is officially here!

Whether you want to boost your woodworking business with holiday-themed products for your clients or get some gift inspiration for your loved ones, this page is for you.

And don’t worry—this list of twelve doesn’t include turtledoves, golden rings, or a partridge in a pear tree. Instead, you’ll find beautiful, handcrafted wooden gifts that can fill anyone with holiday cheer. Plus, each one has a YouTube tutorial so you can follow along step by step.

So, let’s jump right in. On the first day of woodworking Christmas, a woodworker gave to me…

Project 1: A Collapsible Trapezoid Christmas Tree Collar

No Christmas tree deserves to be bare-trunked this Christmas, which is where this tree collar comes in.

Matthew Peech has designed a quick, inexpensive project perfect for those who need to dress up their Christmas tree and save space.

Crafted from pine pickets, this project is super versatile and simple. List it on Etsy or sell it at a craft fair! Or, build it for yourself and give your Christmas tree the skirt it deserves.

Project 2: Santa’s Mailbox

This project brings Christmas magic into any home and is an excellent pick if your clients have young children who love writing letters to dear old Saint Nick. But let’s not kid ourselves, this project is just as good for the young at heart!

Designed by Steve Ramsey, Santa’s mailbox is also cost-efficient, as it can easily use up some of your smaller wood scraps. And it’s made largely by gluing pieces together, which saves you time and hassle.

Finish it off in a Christmas-themed colorway, and you’ve got a great project that will bring a smile to the faces of your customers.

Project 3: Wooden Spiral Tree

The title of Matthew Peech’s tutorial video for this one says, “Low Cost High Profit,” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. This project uses a single 2×4 to craft a project that looks high-class, custom, and expensive.

In the end, you’ll have a great-looking product that cost you nearly nothing to make. Talk about great margins. And your clients will be satisfied with the handmade aesthetic of their Christmas decor. We wouldn’t pass this one up if we were you.

And if you’d rather follow along with written plans rather than a video, Peech offers written plans in his Etsy shop.

Project 4: Pine Trees from Old Pallets

If you’ve got a bunch of pallets lying around, this is an economical project that uses them up and reduces waste.

All it takes is some sawing and sanding, and you’ve got an attractive tree that you can sell, gift, or even use to decorate your own home! DIY Woodworking Projects’ video also shows how to make an attractive stand for it.

This project plays into a minimalist, Scandinavian aesthetic, which appeals to a wide range of shoppers.

So, give this project a shot with some of your pallets. Since you already have the materials, there’s nothing to lose!

Project 5: Woodturned Snowmen

This project is a special one. Turned from a solid block of wood, these snowmen feel like heirlooms. Unlike the other projects so far, this one does require a lathe and the accompanying wood-turning tools.

Also, these little snowmen are customizable! Use different stains, paint different faces, and add different accessories to make your project feel bespoke to each customer.

Consider selling them in sets of three, with one large, one medium, and one small-sized snowman. This way, your customer can add an effortless Christmas scene into their homes.

Project 6: Wooden Snowflakes on a Table Saw

Steve Ramsey, of the Woodworking for Mere Mortals YouTube channel, makes stunning wood snowflakes using a table saw, a plank of wood, and some wood glue. Though this project does require some careful measuring, it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

This video also shows you how to use your table saw to create grooves in the snowflakes because, of course, no two flakes are alike!

You’ll end up with lovely, handcrafted snowflakes that your clients can hang on their walls, use to create Christmas tablescapes, and much more. Because this is a more detailed project, be sure to add in that labor cost.

Project 7: Scrapwood Reindeer with a Bandsaw

This project is a modern-looking reindeer made totally from scrap wood, using a bandsaw.

Some of our favorite projects are those that use up pieces of wood we already have in our shops. But don’t let the minimal materials fool you—this project definitely takes some handiwork and skill.

However, the end result is a gorgeous piece of decor that any client of yours would be lucky to display on their Christmas mantle or dinner table.

Project 8: Santa Sleigh from Scrap Pallet Wood

So far, these projects have been mostly for interior use, but you probably have clients looking for Christmas decor for their front yards as well. This Santa sleigh from scrap pallet wood is perfect for that.

Keep in mind that this is a larger-scale project, so price it accordingly! Since shipping may be difficult, it might be best suited for you if you primarily sell your projects locally. It would also make a great gift (and look swell in your yard too!).

Project 9: Woodturning Nutcracker Soldier

This project is more labor-intensive than some of the others, but the result is a stunning, heirloom-quality nutcracker that would make for a beautiful gift.

The video shows you how to make this nutcracker from log (mossy and all) to the end, including using a small-scale oven to dry it out before putting the wood on the lathe. This is a great project that uses a breadth of skills, including painting and inlaying crystals.

With a total work time of about 24 hours, this is the kind of woodworking project you can truly be proud of and show off this holiday season.

Project 10: Wooden Decoration Lights

These wooden decoration lights will make any front porch Christmas-ready. They can be used to highlight the soft glow of a traditional or battery-powered candle.

We love that this project can also be an evergreen addition to your shop—you don’t have to carve a Christmas tree or snowflake into the side. Once you have the foundation down, you can make these appropriate for any season, and for a small-scale woodworking business, versatility is the name of the game.

Project 11: Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar

Because Advent is right around the corner, this project is a great option as you start planning out your woodworking projects for 2024 (although, if you can get it done fast enough, I’m sure there are people looking for last-minute Advent calendars).

This easy project really only has one tedious part: painting and wrapping each of the individual Advent cube “gifts.” But it’s a great woodworking project that will help any client feel the Christmas spirit all through the month of December!

Project 12: 3D Christmas Ornaments Using a Scroll Saw

Last but not least, these Christmas ornaments are a timeless gift or decor option for you to sell. When you think of Christmas ornaments that are passed down from generation to generation, beautiful wooden ones like these might cross your mind.

Because these are crafted from small blocks of wood, you can use up scrap wood from other projects (again, reducing waste, which we love!). And with just a little bit of careful saw work and sanding, you’ll come away with beautiful, intricate wooden ornaments that will dress up any Christmas tree.

On the Twelfth Day of Woodworking Christmas, a Woodworker Gave to Me…

You get the idea.

There is something so charming, special, and joyful about giving someone you love a handmade gift—especially if you’re trying to give a gift to someone who already has everything they want. A handmade gift, made especially by you, is something that can’t be found anywhere else!

As you consider what gifts to make for your loved ones or which gifts to sell in your shop, remember that no woodworking project stays beautiful without careful moisture assessment. Keep all your pieces stunning for years to come with an Orion moisture meter from Wagner Meters. That way, you (and your clients) can celebrate the beauty, integrity, and longevity of each piece.

Here’s to merry woodworking and the merriest of Christmases!

Last updated on December 5th, 2023

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