Why Monitor Concrete Moisture Levels Remotely?

True Remote Monitoring sends you Rapid RH readings via wifi, saving you the cost of going to the jobsite.

“Ugh,” Brent sighs as he checks the in situ probes in a concrete slab at one of his jobsites. He’s been waiting for the concrete to dry for a few weeks so that he can begin wood floor installation—and he thought for sure the concrete would be ready by now!

In fact, he was so sure it’d be ready that he’d already scheduled floor installers to come work that day. Now, he picks up the phone to cancel them—hopefully, they weren’t already on their way.

Brent’s frustration is the frustration of many general contractors—maybe you.

You know that excess moisture in concrete could lead to issues like cupping or buckling in the wood floor above it, so you’re dedicated to testing the slab and preventing that damage. But you’re wondering if you could avoid all the trips to the jobsite and be more efficient with your process.

That’s where True Remote Monitoring comes in.

True Remote Monitoring is the best of Wagner Meters’ Rapid RH moisture testing technology. Combined with cloud connectivity from Floorcloud, it allows you to view real-time jobsite conditions from anywhere in the world. How? Through a cellular network.

Let’s look at four key reasons for monitoring concrete moisture levels remotely:

  1. Know when to install flooring
  2. Monitor multiple jobsites at once
  3. Improve your efficiency
  4. Save money

1. Know When to Install Flooring

By monitoring concrete moisture levels remotely, you’ll know exactly when the jobsite is ready for flooring.

When you can keep track of a concrete slab’s relative humidity levels from anywhere, you’ll know exactly when it has reached an acceptable level for floor installation.

You can watch the drying trends on your phone, tablet, or computer, and be able to make estimates of when the slab will be ready—much more accurate estimates than if you go out to the jobsite every couple weeks to check. And all without making any additional trips there!

What’s more, Floorcloud takes the numbers from the Rapid RH probes and compares them against floor manufacturers’ technical data sheets. You can then receive alerts for when the concrete slab reaches those specs.

2. Monitor Multiple Jobsites at Once

In the past, you would’ve had to visit each jobsite to check when the concrete is ready—and that’s a time-consuming process. Now, you can monitor them all in one place!

This means you won’t have to make all those trips, and you’ll be able to be involved with more projects than previously possible.

3. Improve Your Efficiency

Floorcloud allows you to get reports for your concrete slab on your smartphone.

By reducing your trips to the jobsite, you’ll be able to work much more efficiently and productively with your team. Real-time monitoring and data analysis will allow you to make faster and more accurate decisions for your projects, too.

For one, you’ll know exactly when you need to mobilize workers, equipment, and materials. No risk of them showing up to a jobsite that isn’t yet ready!

And the Floorcloud app will generate graphs and reports of the concrete slab for you—saving you the time it would’ve taken to do it manually. These can guide your decision-making and provide you with the documentation you need for your clients.

4. Save money

Wagner’s True Remote Monitoring is much less expensive than traditional methods of monitoring moisture levels, particularly manual inspection. When you’re not frequently driving out to the jobsite, you’re saving the cost of gas—and the cost of your time.

You’re also saving because you won’t have a situation where you hire workers only to postpone a project because the slab wasn’t ready.

And ultimately, by cutting out all the unnecessary activities that waste time and money, you’ll be doing less work for more money, increasing your profitability as a company.

Why Not Monitor Concrete Moisture Levels Remotely?
With remote concrete monitoring, you, as a project manager or contractor, can thoroughly test concrete moisture levels without losing precious time and money in the process. This way, you’ll prevent damage to the flooring above the slab, be able to take on more projects, and improve your bottom line—with much less stress and hassle!

Ready to try True Remote Monitoring and see how it can make a difference for your team? Get yours today, and we’ll walk you through the process.

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