Why Customers Keep Coming Back to Wagner Meters

“There Was Never a Question”

Personal service and customer satisfaction are proven keys to success for these three companies

A Single Social Post

The largest single retailer order in the history of Wagner Meters started with a Facebook post and a quick response.

Jason Goldberg, founder and CEO of America’s Floor Source, was looking to upgrade his moisture meters and get them into the hands of every one of his techs, inspectors, account managers, project managers, and delivery people.

“We were using a variety of different meters,” Goldberg said. “It was time to implement consistency in our wood and concrete moisture measurement process with high-quality meters. And we needed a lot of them.”

So, he posted a question in the Flooring Installers of America Facebook group (and a couple of other industry Facebook groups) asking for recommendations on which meters he should consider.

From that Facebook post, Jason received suggestions for some of the top meters on the market – including Wagner’s meters – and also a message from Jason Wright, Business Development Specialist at Wagner Meters.

Quality and Service

“I got recommendations for the four main suppliers. Wagner Meters was the first to embrace our specific needs, and they were very focused on earning our business. Another company was a little slower getting back to us. One of them took two weeks to reach out. And we never heard from the fourth,” Jason explained.

“Throughout the process, the guys at Wagner Meters were consistently following up and answering questions,” Goldberg added. “It wasn’t even comparable how well they provided customer support versus their competitors. And of course, they had a great product that’s easy to use. It became obvious pretty quickly that Wagner Meters was the right choice for us.”

Multiple Communication Channels

“Customer service starts with connection,” said Jason Spangler, Flooring Division Manager for Wagner Meters. “Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow us that instant interface with potential customers so we can provide our knowledge and experience right then and there. Often, we are able to help someone head off a potentially significant moisture-related catastrophe before it starts. You could say that we specialize in service before, during, and after the sale.”

The Whole Team

Expressions about teamwork and collaboration can seem almost trite, but once again, this process proved the value of the entire team, including distributor Fishman Flooring Solutions.

Commenting on the aspects that make the vendor-distributor relationship strong, Bill Mabeus, Executive Vice President at Fishman, said, “Fishman Flooring Solutions works closely with vendors like Wagner Meters to educate and train our customers. Our relationship with Wagner is great because they are also a solutions-based company.”

Mabeus went on to explain the strength of the partnership between the two companies. “Wagner is a good fit for us because the Wagner line of moisture testing products is state-of-the-industry. We stock Wagner products in all of our 37 locations and have them available for purchase via our website so flooring contractors across the country can purchase them from us. Jason Spangler is the most knowledgeable expert that we know of in regards to moisture testing. We work closely with vendors like Wagner Meters to educate and train our customers. We have a common goal of delighting our customers. To delight is a simple concept. A happy customer always comes back.”

A Common Commitment

This commitment to satisfying customers is a common theme across all three companies – Wagner, Fishman, and America’s Floor Source.

In fact, it’s this commitment to customer satisfaction that originally drove Goldberg to pursue the standardization and significant increase in the number of moisture meters used by his employees across all four major markets they serve.

“We believe our consistent attention to details, such as moisture levels, is what makes us a step up from our competition. It’s what leads to more satisfied customers. It’s what has enabled us to succeed and grow as we have over the past 20 years.” Goldberg proudly stated. “These meters and the service from both Wagner and Fishman completely align with our 3-C principles of caring, clean, and consistent.”

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The Delivery

“This is one of the biggest orders in our company’s history,” Spangler stated. “And getting the order was just the beginning. We needed to deliver.”

And deliver they did. Through their partnership, Wagner Meters and Fishman were able to promptly deliver this large order of Wagner’s Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meters and C555 Electronic Concrete Moisture Meters, enabling America’s Floor Source to train their team and get the meters in use within just a few weeks.

In these days when social media and email can cause one to think professional commitments, personal connections, and customer satisfaction are a thing of the past, this deal shows us otherwise.

“There was never a question that Wagner Meters and Fishman were dedicated to making sure we got what we needed to continue improving the level of service we provide our homebuilders, homeowners, property management companies, and other customers,” Goldberg said. “They’ve delivered, and I’m confident they’ll continue to do just that.”

For more information:
Wagner Meters cares about your success and your reputation. If you have any questions that we can answer to help make your moisture testing and your business successful, feel free to contact Jason Wright, Business Development Specialist, at jwright@wagnermeters.com about Orion Wood Moisture Meters, or Jason Spangler, Flooring Division Manager, at jspangler@wagnermeters.com for the Rapid RH Concrete Moisture Test or to discuss any other moisture measurement needs you may have.

Last updated on November 30th, 2023

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