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Wagner Sentry is a complementary, user-friendly mobile app designed to effortlessly manage and retrieve stored data from wireless relative humidity and temperature data logger devices from Wagner Meters. The app connects via Bluetooth® to the Floor Sentry® embedded wood floor data logger and the data logging device, Smart Logger™ (V1 & V2).

  • Protect your wood floors and shield your customers’ investment
  • Reduce your liability and avoid “the blame game” with documented monitoring of your hardwood floor and ambient jobsite conditions
  • Accurately monitor the health of your wood floor and ambient jobsite conditions in real-time
  • Name the device and set the units of measurement (°F/°C)
  • Easily configure timed recording intervals
  • Download all stored temperature and relative humidity (RH) readings in the wood floor and in the subfloor or underlayment
  • Display stored RH and temperature readings from above and below as either a list or graph
  • Compile data and email reports

IMPORTANT: These devices can be connected to only one mobile device at a time.

Protect Your Investment

Reduce your liability with documented monitoring of your hardwood floor and ambient jobsite conditions. Floor Sentry, the embedded wood floor data logger, and the Smart Logger work seamlessly with the Wagner Sentry app. Pairing your Smart Logger and Floor Sentry to the Wagner Sentry app allows you to view both the ambient and in-floor conditions simultaneously. Streamline your monitoring process and gain complete visibility across multiple locations.
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Download the free Wagner Sentry® app at the Apple Store or Google Play.

The Smart Logger is available in the Apple iTunes store  The Smart Logger is now available in the Google Play Store