Ambient Data Loggers: Peace of Mind in a Box for Wood Flooring Installers

Monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity are critical for all phases of wood flooring installation.

But a lot can happen at a job site that you’re not aware of while you were away. You might think you’ve had proper conditions for the last 72 hours while your flooring is acclimating, but without your knowledge, somebody opened the windows somewhere.

During installation, you might think you’re maintaining perfect ambient conditions, but someone turns off the A/C every night.

Even after the installation is done, the floor can be damaged by the owners if they don’t maintain proper ambient conditions. If they start to see a problem, the blame could fall to you.

So you need to carefully monitor and control moisture every step of the way to ensure a successful installation, defend against liability and protect your reputation. But you don’t live at the job site, so how can you do that without hiring detectives to watch the place?

moisture ruining wood

The Data Logger Solution

Temperature and relative humidity data loggers are becoming a more realistic solution to the problem. They can be programmed to constantly monitor relative temperature and humidity for you so that you don’t have to be on the site.

Wagner Meters offers a small battery-powered data logger that can record ambient temperature and relative humidity for 300 days of replaceable battery life or up to 12,000 readings. The Smart Logger™ communicates via Bluetooth® to a smart device app for download of recorded readings, report generation, and emailing or printing of report data. These capabilities, combined with its rugged design and affordability to be scaled in numbers to fit any size job, make the Smart Logger an ideal tool for flooring professionals who need discrete hassle-free data collection and reporting capability. These devices can be instrumental in helping to keep you from paying for the mistakes of others.

Installation and Use

To install a data logger with a smart app, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and place several around the job site to ensure complete coverage. Place them in areas you may suspect dramatic shifts in temperature and relative humidity. Put them in discrete locations where they’ll be safe from tampering. Coordinate with residential/business owners or general contractors (GC) to find other areas you may have overlooked. Use the app to set your recording intervals and alarms.

To monitor the data, return to the site at regular intervals to download it to the smart app and generate your reports. Each time you visit your building owners or GC, it will serve as a
reminder to them to maintain proper conditions, and a reminder of your professionalism as well as your use of advanced technology.

using smart logger for wood flooring


Monitoring and controlling moisture is critical for all phases of wood flooring installation, from acclimation to installation, and after installation.

It’s impossible to be at the job site constantly to monitor temperature and humidity. Ambient data loggers are an easy, affordable, and complete solution to the problem.

For more information, you can visit the Smart Logger page .

Previously published in Premier Flooring Retailer magazine

Last updated on February 23rd, 2022

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