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Finally, the Truth about Wood Finishes

By Larry Loffer in Woodworking Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

It was sometime in the late 1970s when Bob Flexner opened his furniture making and restoration shop. Just like any other artisan, he felt immense satisfaction and a deep sense of pride and accomplishment in crafting and restoring furniture; naturally, he became quite good at it. When it came to wood finishing, however, that was […]

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8 More Essential Tools for Hardwood Flooring Installation

By Larry Loffer in Products / Tools Wood Flooring Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Last year, Wagner Meters wrote about 24 tools professional installers find essential on a hardwood floor job site. Now, we’re bringing you eight more essential tools that will help make any job easier and more efficient. Preparation Tools 1. Flooring Buffer Floor buffers are used for removing sealants on subfloors. Sealant removal is especially important […]

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Boosting Lumber Mill Profits with Moisture Measurement

By Larry Loffer in Forest Products Articles Lumber Mills | 0 Comment

Hardwoods of Michigan, Inc., headquartered in Clinton, Michigan, has successfully developed and maintained a lumber quality control program that focuses on moisture content. As a result, it has improved its process efficiency, maximized output and, most important of all, optimized profits. Over the years, this 100-person operation has expanded its facilities to include a sawmill, […]

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Swanson Group Stays on Tech Edge with Moisture Management Systems

By Larry Loffer in Forest Products Articles Lumber Mills | 0 Comment

Using Wagner Meters’ In-line Moisture Measurement Systems, Swanson Group Improves Yields while Maintaining Quality A company with over 60 years of operating experience learns a few things along the way. Swanson Group is one such company. Founded in 1951, Swanson Group has stayed competitive through a strategic combination of grounding values and technological innovation. Indeed, […]

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Moisture and Humidity Measurement Still Crucial for Engineered Flooring

By Larry Loffer in Flooring Types Wood Flooring Knowledge Base | 6 Comments

Written by Wagner Meters, published first by ProInstaller (Summer 2014 issue). Nearly 75 years ago, Swedish wood flooring company Kahrs introduced engineered wood flooring. As an alternative to hardwood floors, engineered wood flooring is comprised of a relatively thin layer of hardwood glued to a core of plywood or some type of fiberboard that’s not […]

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Forest to Finish: Wood Moisture Measurement at Different Stages

By Larry Loffer in Wood Moisture Woodworking Knowledge Base | 2 Comments

Because wood constantly interacts with moisture in its environment, it can lead to questions about measuring wood moisture content (MC) at different stages of the wood’s life cycle. What happens at the lumber mill? How stable is kiln-dried lumber? What about during manufacturing? What about my wood floor or furniture? Finished wood shouldn’t need moisture […]

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Equilibrium Moisture Content is Determined by Relative Humidity

By Larry Loffer in Wood Moisture Woodworking Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Equilibrium moisture content is the moisture level where the wood neither gains nor loses moisture since it is at equilibrium with the relative humidity of the surrounding environment. In order to properly understand the effect of relative humidity on the moisture content of a piece of wood and the equilibrium with its environment, a basic understanding of some commonly-used terminologies […]

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