Larry Loffer

Senior Systems Technician for Wagner Meters
Larry Loffer is part of a team of product testers as a Senior Systems Technician. He is regularly involved in the development of both hardware and software for wood moisture measurement solutions, which makes good use of his education and background in Computer Information Systems.

Larry also has over 30 years of experience working in sawmills, primarily with dry kilns in the dry-end processing of lumber. He has trained personnel on moisture detection
and enjoys working with in-line moisture meter systems. He has also integrated radio frequency moisture measurement equipment into production lines.

He has always had a keen interest in moisture measuring products, so he enjoys being able to work in such a unique, specialized market. Larry began his career with Wagner Meters straight out of college at the Oregon Institute of Technology, and this is his 35th year with the company.

Larry is never bored with his work, as there is always something new to tackle each day. He appreciates the working environment of Wagner Meters, and he considers his coworkers like family since they are a close-knit team. That’s a good thing because he wears many hats in his position and has to regularly interact with several different departments.

Grants Pass, Oregon, near where Wagner Meters is located, is also Larry’s hometown. He also enjoys the occasional travel associated with his job when servicing in-line equipment.

When he’s not at work, Larry enjoys staying active by playing tennis, table tennis, and pickleball. Larry is our resident office comedian and shares weekly puns that he enjoys with the rest of the team! He also follows University of Oregon football. Go Ducks!

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