Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor in the Winter

It’s almost winter!
tips to maintain hardwood floor

And since holiday festivities are in full swing, you might’ve heard your customers are struggling to maintain their hardwood flooring amidst all the chaos.

They come to you, the trusted expert, for solutions. But you’ve got holidays to celebrate! So go ahead and pass this resource right along to them. Send it in an email. Enlist a carrier pigeon. Write it with a plane in the sky.

However you choose to share this info, your customers will thank you. And you will thank you. And your family will thank you.

So, let your customers know about these 5 problems hardwood experiences in the winter and how to fix them. Then, get back to decking the halls and entertaining the in-laws.

Problems Hardwood Floor Experiences in the Winter

1. Rain, water, or snow is getting tracked in

kids in the snow

Kids, pets, and even holiday guests are notorious for tracking in winter elements. Don’t worry, though. It’s an easy fix.

Grab a few doormats from your local store and place them at your most-used entry points. A bristle doormat outside takes care of the big stuff, and an indoor fabric doormat can soak up any leftover moisture.

(Don’t forget to wash and dry your mats regularly. Leaving damp mats on hardwood can be just as problematic.)

As for your pets, better make sure to catch them at the door so you can pat those paws dry.

2. Salt is making my floors ugly

removing salt off hardwood floor

Well, doormats are not the be-all, end-all solution for hardwood floors in the winter. Whereas they may eliminate excess moisture, salt is harder to rub off and can be extremely damaging to the finish of your floors.

Word on the street is vinegar helps counteract the salt chemicals that chip away at your beautiful finish. Add a splash of vinegar to your cleaning solution and wipe up all those white salt spots. But remember! Before trying any new cleaning method, always give preference to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

3. High heels are scuffing up my floors

leave your shoes

Ever heard of rubber stiletto protectors? They go around the bottom of high heels to help people walk in grass or protect floors … that kind of thing. But if having a bin of stiletto protectors as your greeting gift seems strange, here’s a better idea:

Have people remove their shoes when they come inside. You could even set up a decor sign that asks them to do so in a way that still makes them smile.

After all, the easiest way to keep floors smooth and clean is to leave your shoes at the door.

4. Something spilled

wine spill hardwood floor

Food, wine, water meant for the Christmas tree. You name it.

Best thing to do here is quickly clean it up—even if you’re in the middle of something. Leaving liquid on the surface of your hardwood could cause major problems. Use a mop or highly-absorbent cloth to soak up the liquid, and follow up with your favorite hardwood floor cleaning spray. (Remember: a little goes a long way, so don’t drench your floor.)

5. There are gaps in my floor!

worried face

Winter months are typically drier months, and that could take a toll on your hardwood floors. If the heat in your home is drying out your hardwood, you might start to see gaps. This is a result of the wood contracting due to a lack of moisture in the air.

To balance out the relative humidity (RH) in your home, add a humidifier. Be sure to monitor it so as not to oversaturate your home.

Or if you prefer to stay ahead of the game, consider adding a Smart Logger™ to your home. That way you can monitor the situation and prevent problems from even happening in the first place.

Sure, winter may be a little strenuous on flooring, but if having beautiful hardwood floors was that easy, everyone would do it.

But you know it takes a little something extra—a little pizzazz, if you will. And because you’re dedicated, because you’re armed with the Christmas spirit, because 2020 has taken enough, you’ll do everything you can to protect those floors.

However, if winter problems ever ruin the party, we’ll be here. If the wood’s moisture levels are all outta whack and you need help, email us: Or if you’d prefer to talk to a moisture meter pro, we’re only a phone call away: (844) 808-8761.

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Last updated on October 19th, 2021

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