Jason Wright

Business Development Specialist for Wagner Meters
Jason Wright, Business Development Specialist for New Products, joined Wagner Meters in 2019. He comes to Wagner with over 35 years of experience in the flooring industry. Jason began working in a flooring warehouse when he was 16 years old. He lugged around carpet pads and other flooring supplies. By the time he was 19, Jason covered half of Oregon as an outside sales rep for a flooring sundries company.

He soon began selling finished flooring materials too. This included everything from hardwood and laminate flooring to ceramic tile. As he expanded his product expertise, Jason advanced up the sales ladder. He moved from territorial to regional sales manager, and ultimately to national sales manager. As a sales manager, Jason focused on team training, product knowledge, and motivational skills.

Throughout his career, Jason worked at flooring industry leaders, including Kährs and Tarkett, where he was National Sales Manager. While Jason was a Regional Sales Manager with Kährs, a major customer named him the “Manufacturer Representative of the Year.” Jason appreciates this award as a reflection of his down-to-earth, solid work ethic. He describes his work philosophy as “fighting to the end, always do it—whatever it takes—better than the next guy.”

Jason has long had a passion for hardwoods and their unique properties. As he says, working with wood requires patience. This entails patience to learn about the wood and understand its properties. Jason has dealt with hundreds of people frustrated by a hardwood floor. He loves sharing his knowledge with people so they can understand how wood reacts. His goal is to be a resource for people and help them learn. He doesn’t care whether they’re a consumer, customer, or competitor. Jason wants to help anyone who’s interested to learn more about working with wood.

Besides his flooring sales experience, Jason is also a licensed flooring installer. He and his wife owned their own flooring installation company for several years. The experience deepened his knowledge of flooring materials and processes. It also exposed him to the business challenges and needs that flooring installers and contractors face.

Jason often came across Wagner Meters products during his career and saw how their tools helped people. He was motivated to join Wagner Meters because of the company’s commitment to educating woodworkers, helping flooring professionals with premium tools, and being available as a resource. This approach resonated with Jason. He says, “It just makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping people make good decisions. And it makes me feel good to see people make these investments to do the right thing and to measure for moisture before they put in hardwood floors.”

A passion for woodworking is only one of the reasons Jason has spent most of his life in the industry. He also loves working with the people in it. He describes them as “just cool. They’re real people to talk to and they’re happy for the help you can give them.”

Jason spends his off-time with his family, enjoying boating, cooking, and riding quads. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, he has started rebuilding and racing RC Cars and is having a blast. He also enjoys a balanced work/home life balance by splitting his time working from his home and from the office.

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