30 of Our Favorite Woodworking Channels on YouTube

You can learn pretty much anything from the internet these days, woodworking included. If you’ve always wanted to know how to craft things out of wood or just learn the ins and outs of wood as a material, YouTube is a great place to learn.

On this page, we’ve compiled 30 (yes 30!) of our favorite woodworking channels on YouTube, in no particular order. As YouTubers ourselves, we find a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from each of these channels, so hopefully, you can too!

1. The Wood Whisperer

Marc Spagnuolo from The Wood Whisperer (TWW) makes great videos that are helpful resources for people at all stages of their woodworking journey. TWW’s easy-to-understand language and breadth of knowledge make the channel both inviting and educational. If you’re just getting started, his “Don’t Make These Lumber Mistakes!” video is so handy and even talks about the importance of wood acclimation featuring a handy Wagner Meters pinless moisture meter. Check out his channel, for sure!

2. April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson’s channel is a goldmine for anyone who already loves or who wants to learn the craft of DIY wood projects. Tables, barn doors, outdoor furniture, fire pits, endless tips and tricks, and even a wooden windmill base: this channel has it all. April’s enthusiasm for the craft is unmatched, and her channel is one that we recommend.

3. Blacktail Studio

If you want to watch someone make stunning salvage wood and epoxy tables and desks, Blacktail Studio is the channel for you. This channel features stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces in a format that is both great for entertainment and education. If you love live-edge work, both to watch and to work with, this channel is great.

4. Matthew Cremona

Matthew Cremona’s woodworking channel puts an interesting twist on things. His header is, “Fine woodworking starting with a tree,” and he lives up to it! Video after video on his channel features huge portions of straight-up trees, and then he shows the process of making lumber. Here is an example! He also shows the projects that come from those trees. Plus, he has a great techniques playlist so that you can learn techniques for dovetailing drawers and flattening boards with a router!

5. WoodWorkWeb

Collin Knecht’s channel is a great one if you’re looking for a breadth of woodworking information. Perhaps one of the most notable types of videos on his channel is his Subscriber Tips series, in which subscribers submit tips, and he highlights the best ones. The method of crowdsourcing makes sure that those subscribers that are new to woodworking get the information they need. Definitely worth a watch.

6. Fix This Build That

Fix This Build That feels like the one-stop shop for DIY projects and information. From restoring playsets to installing vinyl plank flooring to plywood buying guides, Fix This Build That uploads truly helpful content with a charisma that keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more.

7. The Awesome Orange

The Awesome Orange is an awesome channel. Sadie from The Awesome Orange documents many DIY projects as she transforms her 70s Arizona home. She offers easy-to-follow and informative videos to create truly beautiful pieces. Featuring IKEA hacks, a covered patio build and installing laminate flooring, Sadie’s channel is perfect for anyone wanting to add some DIY flair to their home.

Top Woodworking YouTube channels

Opportunities abound on dozens of YouTube channels to learn just about anything you might want to know about woodworking.

8. Jay Bates

Jay Bates offers a plethora of projects that you can DIY. From workhorses and giant clocks to stunning french cleat pocket hole drill charging stations, Jay Bates has something for everyone.

9. The Samurai Carpenter

Jesse de Geest from the Samurai Carpenter has a fascinating channel that is not only educational but just plain cool to watch. Many of his projects and videos revolve around building a full cabin. Things like building wood windows, carving stone sinks, and installing shiplap walls are just a few examples of the cool stuff on this channel.

10. Essential Craftsman

The Essential Craftsman is exactly that: essential. The Essential Craftsman covers the absolute fundamentals of blacksmithing, construction, tools and equipment, self-reliance, and craftsmanship. He even says that he knows the “grandpa tricks” that will get you working in your workshop like a pro. A go-to for anyone wanting to improve their woodworking or construction craft.

11. Fine Woodworking

Fine Woodworking is a great place for those wanting to perfect their craft. Fine Woodworking’s work is quality and detail-oriented and offers masterclasses on woodworking details like dovetailing, turning knobs, and fitting drawers.

12. Canadian Woodworks

Canadian Woodworks has some great ongoing series on their channel, like Tool Tuesday and Slaburday Saturday. They even review a Wagner moisture meter on one of their Tool Tuesday videos. That’s our kind of channel!

13. Frank Howarth

Frank Howarth’s channel offers visually stunning and super detailed work. Whether it’s a small project, like a bowl, or a large project like a closet shelving system, Frank’s work looks pristine and high quality. This is a great channel for project inspiration.

14. Jon Peters – Longview Woodworking

Jon Peters’ channel offers everything you need to begin woodworking. As a professional woodworker and cabinet maker, he has the credibility and experience to teach you to build stunning and professional-grade pieces.

15. John Heisz – I Build It

John Heisz’s channel has a variety of projects to help you get started on your woodworking journey. Especially if you want to learn how to make the woodworking tools themselves. John makes woodworking vises, router tables, and sanders. But he also makes other things like fidget spinners and bathroom vanities. Lots of variety worth exploring!

16. Matthias Wandel

Matthias Wandel’s channel is all about woodworking from an engineering perspective. From nightstands to chairs to workbenches: you can learn a lot from this channel, so check it out!

17. Garage Woodworks

GarageWoodworks offers a lot of practical solutions for common furniture problems (like getting rid of wobble!) as well as great build-throughs of beds, bookcases, coat racks, and wine hutches. This channel is great for project-based learning.

woodworking dovetail joints

On YouTube, you can find out about lots of useful woodworking techniques such as dovetailing, or even how to install wood flooring or make a table.

18. Jimmy Diresta

Straight from his channel, “I make stuff for a living,” and that’s certainly the truth. Jimmy Diresta’s YouTube channel is full of fun projects, both woodworking and otherwise. Restoring old Chevy trucks, wooden rocking chairs, and leather bags are just some of the things that Jimmy makes. Definitely a lot of variety!

19. Steve Ramsay

Steve Ramsay describes his channel as “woodworking for mere mortals,” and the accessibility and ease of his channel meet this criterion. With an entire playlist dedicated to woodworking basics, this channel is perfect for someone who is just starting out. Common mistakes? Covered! What kind of finish to use? Covered! Definitely check this channel out.

20. I Like to Make Stuff

Bob from I Like to Make Stuff lives up to his channel name. He makes all kinds of stuff, from LEGO brick sorters to stair railings and everything in between. For people just starting with DIY projects, he has a playlist called Maker 101 which provides an overview of tools and techniques. Super handy!

21. Make Something

Make Something is a channel that not only offers practical advice but also showcases stunning craftsmanship. David Picciuto from Make Something teaches subscribers how to make cutting boards from scraps and stunning furniture, like this upholstered footstool.

22. Darbin Orvar

Darbin Orvar’s channel has several fascinating offerings. She gives viewers insights into her life by offering shop tours and letting them into her process of building a teardrop trailer. Her video style is personal and informative.

23. Chris Salomone

Christ Salomone of Foureyes combines his passion for design with the practical capabilities of woodworking. His work is sleek, modern, and attractive. If you have a knack for design or love the potential of designing, this channel is a great place to gather inspiration.

24. Get Hands Dirty

Cristiana from Get Hands Dirty inspires viewers to do exactly that—get their hands dirty. The sheer volume of projects on Cristiana’s channel is impressive. Get Hands Dirty features outdoor chairs, floating shelves, extendable dining tables, and more!

25. Ishitani Furniture

Ishitani Furniture impeccably combines the craft of woodworking with a stunning minimalist, modern aesthetic. The furniture featured on this channel is the result of hard work and careful craftsmanship. The videos are crafted in such a way that the sounds of woodworking are highlighted, making for a calming and inspiring watch experience.

26. Krtwood

Kevin from Krtwood is a professional woodworker who uses his channel as a creative outlet. He makes stunning architectural pieces with intricate details. This is definitely a great channel for inspiration and just being in awe of this work!

27. Izzy Swan

Izzy Swan’s channel features all kinds of cool woodworking projects, including some pretty, self-described, “wild contraptions.” He offers tips on saving money on tools as well as tool reviews!

28. Andy Rawls

Rawls lives by the saying, “Lead a quiet life and work with your hands.” His channel exhibits a passion for building furniture, and you can tell by watching that he truly enjoys the craft. Some featured projects are making a crossbow from an old bourbon barrel, making curved table legs, and building a custom bed for his airstream.

29. Marius Hornberger

Marius Hornberger’s channel is all about an engineer who enjoys woodworking and especially making tools for woodworking. He has a video about his homemade wooden bandsaw, building a circle jig, and more of the like!

30. This Woodwork

Alex Harris of This Woodwork wants his channel to show people that anyone can get involved in woodworking if they would like to! Whether you want to learn more about woodworking or just want to watch someone make something beautiful, this channel is for you.

And that’s it! All 30 channels. With these wonderful resources, you’ll be able to find all kinds of ideas, tips, tricks, moisture meter reviews, and inspiration for your next woodworking project. Now, onto the workshop!

Last updated on April 14th, 2023


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    Wow, thank you for sharing this list of woodworking YouTube channels! I’m always looking for new inspiration and tutorials, and this list has already helped me find some new favorites. Can’t wait to dive in and start exploring 😊

  2. college brawl says:

    Great roundup of woodworking YouTube channels! I’m always looking for new inspiration and tutorials, so this was super helpful. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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