Safely Store Moisture Readings with the FloorSmart App and Orion 950

Easily test moisture in wood with the Orion 950

You can be confident about the accuracy of your moisture content readings when you use a premium meter like the Orion 950.

Have you ever lost the receipt for something you wanted to return? Or written down someone’s phone number just to have it disappear the next day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if that information had been stored somewhere safe where you could access it whenever you needed it?

That’s exactly what you can do for your moisture data collection process with a handy little app for your mobile device. It’s simply not worth the risk of recording moisture readings on paper. It’s also not worth the time it takes to meticulously write that information by hand, over and over and over again.

Using the Orion® 950 moisture meter and the FloorSmart app, you can enjoy quick, easy, and safe storage of your moisture readings. These two technologies combine to make your job easier, your work more consistent, and your reputation more impressive.

Let’s explore both of them and how they can improve your life.

The Orion 950

Orion 950 paired with the floorsmart app

The Orion 950 is a Bluetooth-enabled smart pinless meter that is super easy to use with the FloorSmart app.

The Orion 950 is a quality lifelong piece of technology that will truly make a difference in your work.

As our premium moisture meter, the Orion 950 is worth every penny. The accuracy offers in your moisture content (MC) measurements will quickly pay for itself.

When you can be confident in the accuracy of your readings, you can be confident in your work and reputation.

The Orion 950 boasts long-lasting reliability as well as Bluetooth® technology, which is why the Orion 950 is our choice for updating the way you store and collect data.

The Orion 950 can connect to supplemental technology, like the FloorSmart app!

So how does the FloorSmart app work with the Orion 950 so that your accurate readings don’t go to waste?

Let’s find out.

The FloorSmart App

The FloorSmart app connects automatically to your Orion 950 meter to make data collection and storage effortless. The FloorSmart app and the Orion 950 are a dynamic duo.

So here are three ways the FloorSmart app can revolutionize your work.

1. Take readings automatically

The FloorSmart app, when connected with your Orion 950, will automatically take readings from the moisture meter.

I know—it sounds too good to be true. But it is true! No more taking a measurement, then repeatedly pulling out a pencil and a piece of paper.

Rather, you can place the Orion 950 on the wood’s surface, and within one second, the FloorSmart app will automatically store that data.

This means you can save time, especially when taking several readings. You can take these readings quickly and easily without wasting time writing them down on paper.

2. Keep your accurate data safely stored

Viewing the floorsmart app

The FloorSmart app connects automatically to the Orion 950 moisture meter, making data collection and storage effortless.

Because the FloorSmart app automatically records the readings from your Orion 950, you don’t ever have to worry about losing your readings, inaccurately recording your readings, or accidentally spilling coffee on your notebook (trust us, it happens).

But another big benefit of having your accurate data safely stored is showing a tangible record of your work. This means that you are always ready to show your client that you have done your due diligence, which is important no matter what kind of wood professional you are: flooring installer, furniture maker, kiln dryer, or even a homeowner.

You can assure yourself and others that the job was done right, which greatly matters.

3. Read more than just moisture content

The FloorSmart app keeps track of all the factors that the Orion 950 measures or calculates for you, whether that be the wood MC, equilibrium moisture content, ambient relative humidity, or temperature.

It can also help you better organize or understand the MC measurements that you’ve collected. For example, you can use the FloorSmart app to pinpoint the average, low, and high MC measurements for each job, giving you a better idea of the progress of your project.

Lastly, all of this data is time-stamped, giving you a reliable record and representation of your job well done.


It’s about time to upgrade your data collection and storage. Keep your data safe and, in turn, provide your clients with the evidence that you’ve done your due diligence.

With a quality meter featuring Bluetooth technology like the Orion 950 and the FloorSmart app, you can move forward in your projects with confidence. Check out our Orion 950 product page to learn more, and download the FloorSmart app on your IOS or Android device.

Previously published in Premier Flooring Retailer magazine.

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