The Tool That’ll Improve the Lives of Flooring Installers

In the world of flooring installation, customer satisfaction is paramount. But what if you could guarantee a masterful installation and empower your customers to care for their floors proactively?

Gone are the days of being unjustly blamed for floorboard cupping or moisture damage. Enter Floor Sentry® by Wagner Meters – the game-changing device reshaping the flooring industry and safeguarding your reputation.

What flooring professional wants to put lots of time into a wood floor installation only to have the customer blame them for big problems later on?

Imagine a tiny gadget that continuously watches over the wood floor, detects humidity or temperature anomalies, and instantly alerts the homeowner. Think of the peace of mind it offers – knowing that potential issues can be flagged before they escalate.

Welcome to the future of flooring. Learn how Floor Sentry can revolutionize your installations and client relationships.

Ever put in a hardwood floor only to have the customer come back to you within a month or two, saying that the floorboards are cupping?

Of course, the customer assumes it’s your fault—not a fun position for you. Without a way to prove otherwise, you agree to fix the problem. As a result, it costs you money and takes away time you could spend on projects for other clients.

Don’t you wish the floor could have alerted you and the customer before the expensive failure happened? And before your reputation was put on the line?

That’s what Floor Sentry® from Wagner Meters can do for you—and more!

Floor Sentry is a small device that monitors the temperature and relative humidity of a wood floor and sends alerts to a mobile device if those numbers go out of a desired range. Your customer will know about any environmental or moisture problems before they become a significant issue.

And more importantly, the responsibility of floor care will be on the customer—not you.

Get to know this tool that can improve your life and prevent some expensive frustrations.

The Purpose of Floor Sentry

Floor Sentry is a way to protect your work and get homeowners involved in floor maintenance. Its advanced technology continuously monitors the humidity and temperature of the floor and the subfloor. By catching a change in these conditions early on, you can prevent serious moisture-related issues.

But are those issues really something to be concerned about?

Floor Sentry is a small device that monitors the temperature and relative humidity of a wood floor and alerts your customer if conditions do not stay within a desired range.

If those issues can ruin a beautiful floor and lead to unhappy customers, then yes.

Moisture damage is a common risk for hardwood floors, especially if they’re exposed to unfriendly ambient conditions or moisture inside your home or under the floor.

When temperature and relative humidity change, the moisture content of the wood is affected. It may lead to problems, such as cupping or buckling, that require time and money to fix.

But using Floor Sentry allows you to catch those issues before they begin.

Simply include Floor Sentry as a part of your floor installation package. Place one device approximately every 1,000 square feet of flooring and at least one on each level.

Then, assist your customer in downloading the Wagner Sentry app and connecting via Bluetooth® to each Floor Sentry device in their floor. Once you’ve helped your customer set the correct ranges for temperature and relative humidity, the devices will take it from there!

And here’s how you’ll benefit.

How Floor Sentry improves your life

For one, it’ll help protect the beautiful hardwood floor you’ve installed. When a shift in temperature and relative humidity occurs, your customer will know right away and be able to adjust the environment accordingly.

Fewer chances of damage—saving you time and money!

Second, you can place the responsibility of monitoring the floor in your customer’s hands. They will receive alerts and notifications indicating when humidity and temperature conditions put the floor at risk.

If humidity rises due to a seasonal shift, they’ll know to run a dehumidifier or air conditioning system to keep a stable environment for their floors.

As a result, they’ll respect you for taking precautions and educating them on floor maintenance. And they’ll be less likely to blame you, the installer, for problems that may arise.

For example, they’ll recognize that those two weeks they turned off the heat during their winter vacation may have contributed to the moisture issue in their flooring—not an improper installation procedure on your part.

Not only will Floor Sentry add value to your jobs and help you differentiate yourself from other flooring installers. It’ll also protect your reputation.

Sound like a good fit for you? Here are some other things to know about it.

More About Floor Sentry

The Floor Sentry device by Wagner Meters is designed to fit into a small cavity on the underside of a hardwood floor plank. It comes with an installation template and instructions.

With both top and bottom sensors, Floor Sentry will monitor your floor and subfloor for temperature and relative humidity. You can define your desired ranges so that your customer will receive alerts or notifications when the values go outside this range.

Floor Sentry is designed to fit easily into a small cavity on the underside of a wood floor plank.

The free, highly intuitive Wagner Sentry app, available for Android and iOs mobile devices, help you manage it all. You’ll be able to connect to all your Floor Sentry devices via Bluetooth and monitor them on the app.

And no need to worry about storage or battery life!

Floor Sentry allows you to store over 16,000 readings, and each sensor has a long-life pre-installed battery that can last up to 8 years. The app includes an indicator of Floor Sentry’s battery health so that you can keep track of it, too.

Finally, if you run into any problems, Wagner Meters promises a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support to ensure that your device is working as it should. We’re here to help make your life easier.

Floor Sentry Gives You Peace of Mind

With Floor Sentry, you will have fewer catastrophes and less damage to your hard work.

That means added value to your jobs and saved time and money.

Floor Sentry, with its advanced monitoring technology, will simplify your job as a flooring installer. At the same time, your customer will have the confidence to care for their flooring and protect it for many years.

And you’ll enjoy peace of mind that your work and reputation are protected.

What more could you ask for?

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