Stay Ahead of Flooring Moisture Issues with These Three Proactive Solutions

Floor Sentry is a proactive solution for preventing moisture problems by monitoring wood floor and subfloor conditions.

Moisture issues are the most prevalent and preventable issues when installing flooring over a concrete subfloor.

Whenever the concrete isn’t sufficiently dry, the excess moisture will seep into the floor above it. If it’s a wood floor, it could warp, buckle, crack, cup, or grow mold.

Unaddressed, these issues can lead to structural damage and costly repairs. They could hurt your reputation or even result in legal liability.

The moral of the story? Take moisture issues seriously!

We’ll look at three proactive measures for doing just that:

1. Floor Sentry for Monitoring Hardwood Floors

Floor Sentry is the perfect proactive solution if you’re installing wood floors and want to monitor moisture conditions for up to 8 years.

It keeps an eye on the internal temperature and relative humidity of your wood floors and the surface of your concrete or wood subfloor.

This way, your clients are empowered to prevent moisture disasters. They can use the free Wagner Sentry app with it to instantly monitor flooring conditions. The alarm threshold feature will alert them of potential moisture issues before they become unsolvable.

2. True Remote Monitoring for Concrete

With a data-logging device like the Smart Logger, you can keep an eye on ambient conditions and stop any moisture issues before they happen.

The True Remote Monitoring System is a triad of superstar products:
Utilized to help streamline flooring schedules and decrease jobsite visits, these products monitor ambient conditions and in situ concrete relative humidity and temperature, transmitting them to an app, or desktop platform, you can access from anywhere in the world.

Most importantly, this system helps ensure the concrete subfloor is ready so you can install without the risk of damaging your wood, laminate, or tile flooring.

3. Smart Logger for Measuring Ambient Conditions

The Smart Logger is a powerful sensor and data-logging device that collects relative humidity and ambient temperature in the building.

While installing new cabinetry, doors, or wood floors, you can use the Smart Logger to ensure the jobsite conditions stay consistent.

When you leave, place the discreet sensor in spots that need long-term monitoring. Then, if moisture issues occur, you can immediately look at the data and determine why.

Even better, you can keep an eye on the data and stop any issues before they happen.

Don’t Wait for a Moisture Disaster

Be proactive! Don’t wait for a moisture disaster to strike and ruin your reputation.

Moisture issues can cause significant problems for businesses, including damage to flooring, health concerns, and financial losses. So don’t wait for a moisture disaster to strike and ruin your reputation.

With Floor Sentry, True Remote Monitoring, and Smart Logger, you can protect your good name, your profits, and your clients.

Last updated on June 26th, 2023

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