True Remote Monitoring System: A Proactive Solution Giving You Real-Time Concrete and Climate Moisture Data

True Remote Monitoring means fewer trips to the jobsite, saving time and money.

When testing for moisture in a concrete slab, wouldn’t it be great if you could access real-time jobsite data from anywhere in the world?

When scheduling a job for installation, wouldn’t it be great to know if the environmental conditions were appropriate for installation and/or acclimation before sending out labor or product?

Think of it. No more time-consuming trips to the jobsite to find out if the concrete or environment is ready for you to install the finished floor.

Sound too good to be true?

Not anymore. In a new partnership between Rapid RH® L6 and Floorcloud, we introduce you to the True Remote Monitoring™ System.

This system combines the best of Rapid RH moisture measurement technology with the latest software, hardware, and cloud connectivity from Floorcloud.

Plus, True Remote Monitoring positions you to proactively monitor your jobsite’s conditions in real-time from any location with a cellular connection.

How the True Remote Monitoring System Works

You’re assured of accurate, reliable data for monitoring the concrete’s moisture condition when you use the Rapid RH concrete moisture test kit.

It’s easy to get started with the True Remote Monitoring System.

First, place Rapid RH® L6 relative humidity (RH) sensors at specific depths in the slab per ASTM F2170 guidelines.

Second, insert a Rapid RH L6 DataGrabber® with Bluetooth® within each sensor.

The DataGrabber enables you to collect and store your test data automatically—even when you’re away from the jobsite. Readings get stored within the sensor’s built-in memory chip.

Finally, add the Rapid RH L6 DataGrabber range extender, place a Floorcloud sensor nearby, and download the Floorcloud app to your phone.

Now, you’re all set!

With Floorcloud and Rapid RH working for you as an integrated, advanced monitoring system, your RH and temperature test data now go to a cloud database and are compared against the manufacturer’s specifications.

If site conditions don’t meet the specs, you immediately receive alerts on your phone. You can also see a graph of the Rapid RH and Floorcloud sensors, review trends, and know when it’s time to go back to the jobsite to install flooring.

Benefits of True Remote Monitoring

Integrating the Floorcloud sensor and app with Rapid RH gives you access to your jobsite data 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

1. Enjoy increased efficiency and cost savings. Fewer trips to the jobsite save you time. You also sidestep any risk of scheduling and mobilizing people, products, and equipment to a jobsite that isn’t ready.

2. Get accurate data no matter where you are. Frankly, there’s no easier way to keep close tabs on jobsite conditions. With accurate test results, you’re assured of knowing exactly when the concrete slab is dry enough for floor installation.

3. Take timely action as needed. With real-time monitoring 24/7, you’ll always know when site conditions are out of sync with the manufacturer’s specs. You’re never left wondering whether you need to take steps to hasten the drying process.

4. Take advantage of remote access to your data. With access to real-time data no matter where you happen to be, you’re in complete control. Plus, easily document and share data with clients and store it securely in the cloud.

Put the True Remote Monitoring System to Work for YOU

Ready to start monitoring concrete moisture test data from anywhere 24/7? Call the Rapid RH team at 800-795-9912 or order online today.

Previously published in ProInstaller magazine

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