Fast, Accurate Concrete Moisture Testing Using the Rapid RH L6 System

Rapid RH L6

The Rapid RH L6 system is fast, easy to use, and offers advanced features you won’t find anywhere else.

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You want your floor installation to last for the long haul.

But with a concrete subfloor, you could risk a catastrophic flooring failure unless you conduct a reliable test of the slab’s moisture condition.

That’s because almost any type of flooring is susceptible to moisture damage. In the case of resilient flooring, some common problems include adhesive failure, mold, and mildew. For wood-based flooring, you could face other expensive issues such as warping, buckling, cupping, and crowning.

Keep in mind that one of concrete’s main ingredients is water. Even after concrete hardens, a substantial amount of “hidden” moisture remains below the surface of the slab. You must allow sufficient time for the concrete to dry to an acceptable level before installing the finished floor.

So, how will you know the slab is dry enough?

AS 1884 Recommends In-Situ RH Testing of Concrete Moisture

The only way you can be sure concrete is dry enough is to perform a concrete moisture test. AS 1884, the Australian standard describing proper installation practices for resilient sheet and tiles, warns that “surface testing of the subfloor may not determine” whether the subfloor is sufficiently dry. With surface tests, you risk getting misleading results.

AS 1884 emphasizes that “whenever possible, the relative humidity [RH] in-situ probe test, in accordance with ASTM F2170, shall be carried out on the subfloor.”

Scientific studies dating back to the 1990s at Lund University in Sweden demonstrated that the in-situ RH test gives an accurate, reliable picture of the overall moisture condition of the slab. This scientific pedigree doesn’t come with any other concrete moisture test method.

Simplify Your Moisture Testing with the Rapid RH L6 System

Rapid RH L6 concrete moisture testing

The feature-rich DataMaster L6 app makes it easy to read, record, and report your RH readings for complete data integrity.

The most popular RH test kit available today is the Rapid RH® L6 system by Wagner Meters. And for good reason. The L6 system is fast, easy to use, and offers advanced features you won’t find anywhere else.

The L6 probe or “Smart Sensor” includes a memory chip. Combine it with the Rapid RH L6 DataGrabber® with Bluetooth® and you’ll get automated RH readings—even when you’re away from the jobsite. This way you can quickly do a trend analysis of your moisture data and anticipate the right time to schedule your floor installation.

Also available with the L6 system is the free DataMaster™ L6 app for both iOS and Android. With this feature-rich app, you can use your smartphone to record and report your RH readings for complete data integrity.

And thanks to a partnership between Rapid RH L6 and Floorcloud™, it’s now possible to view real-time jobsite conditions from anywhere in the world. With True Remote Monitoring™, your RH test results are always at your fingertips, no matter where your busy schedule might take you.

The Rapid RH L6 system makes it easier than ever to test for concrete moisture. You’ll enjoy accurate test results while freeing up your time for other important tasks.

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023

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