Wagner Digital Moisture Meter Spotlight: The L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter

Stack of Lumber

In the Primary and Secondary wood products markets, industry-leading sawmills and wood processing companies must control their critical moisture levels in their lumber or wood products. Accurate and convenient electromagnetic wave technology is now routinely used for monitoring of product moisture content (MC).

Wagner Meters L622

Wagner Meters’ L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter (and its predecessor, the L612) with the L722 Lumber Stack Probe accessory are used effectively in high-production sawmills as a valuable tool to allow dry kiln personnel to easily perform moisture checks in stickered packages of lumber.

Additionally, the L622 can be used alone as a very convenient handheld moisture meter for fast checks of lumber in the planer mill. The L622 also stores up to 5,000 moisture readings into as many as 500 different groups, calculating the average and standard deviation statistics for each group of readings. The L622 also comes with Stat-Pak statistical software to allow downloading and storage of readings to a personal computer. The Wagner L622 standalone, or with the L722 Lumber Stack Probe, is one of the best handheld moisture measurement tools available for convenient and comprehensive tracking of lumber moisture quality control.

For lumber or wood processing operations that don’t need to probe stickered packs of lumber, with a stack probe, and don’t require PC storage of information, Wagner’s L620 (predecessor, L610) digital moisture meter provides the same technology and accuracy providing data storage and some statistical calculation for up to 500 moisture readings.


Glen Hodges, lead kiln operator for Spearfish Forest Products (Spearfish, SD) has used the L612 moisture meter for three years.

“It’s much simpler than how we used to check our kilns,” says Hodges. “We use the wand with this…and we use the different groups in different zones for hot checks. We download a graph for every kiln chart, and it’s pretty nice. They [Wagner Meters] provide more feedback than we’ve ever had on moisture with the wood planer.”

Glen Hodges recommends the Wagner L612 moisture meter for its ease-of-use.

Jeff Eades, purchasing director for Somerset Wood Products (Somerset, KY), states that the company’s Wagner L610 meter has delivered consistent MC readings at an accuracy rate of over 99% from true bake-out conditions – for a decade. Somerset processes maple and hickory species.

“They’re valuable,” says Eades. “We check off the truck, out of the kilns, through wood planing and ribbing systems…throughout the whole process. I’ve tried several brands, and… I’ll continue to use them. They’re a good product.”

Wagner also offers a Calibration Verification Block (which comes standard with the L622) to help users assure that their Wagner handheld moisture meter is within factory calibration. Wagner Meters has effectively used leading-edge measurement technology for many years and continues to explore new applications and technologies for its markets.

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Last updated on April 10th, 2024

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