Wood H2O App

for woodworkers & flooring installers

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The complimentary Wood H20 app provides woodworkers, wood flooring installers, and wood hobbyists with a simple-to-use EMC calculator. Wood H20 also helps troubleshoot wood moisture problems and has solutions for common wood moisture-related problems, including:

  • Buckling
  • Flooring cracks or gaps
  • Checked finishes
  • Crowning or cupping
  • Adhesive failure
  • Fuzzy grain
  • End splits
  • Sunken joints
  • And more!

The EMC calculator is simple and easy to use with no on-screen tables and calculations to interfere with the information you need — just a quick and simple calculation of necessary temperature and relative humidity for equilibrium moisture content (EMC).

The Wood H20 app provides links to specific gravity (SG) settings, manuals, and other wood moisture-related resources for a one-stop EMC and wood moisture resource for all wood industry experts and hobbyists.

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