Live Demo: Moisture Measurement in Concrete at Surfaces 2013

An educational presentation given by Jason Spangler, Wagner Meters’ Flooring Division Manager, at the 2013 Surfaces/Stone Expo.

The Rapid RH® 4.0 has been replaced with the Rapid RH® L6.

Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are lost as a result of floor covering failures due to moisture. Relative humidity (RH) testing has now been acknowledged as a legitimate means of assessing overall slab moisture content levels. In fact, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) created ASTM F2170-11 as an alternate to F1869. Ultimately, the industry has recognized that relative humidity is a legitimate and accurate means of determining concrete slab readiness.

We trust that the information in this presentation and the tools presented will stand between you and a potential catastrophic flooring failure due to moisture.

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