How to Use a Moisture Meter on Drywall

When it comes to the integrity of your walls, unseen moisture can be a hidden culprit, leading to more significant problems. Fortunately, with the Orion® pinless wood moisture meter, identifying problematic areas in drywall becomes more accessible and accurate than ever before.

In this video, you’ll discover:
– The Dynamics of the Orion® Series: Familiarize yourself with the electronic pinless wood moisture meter series’s unique features and advanced relative measurement mode, designed explicitly for non-wood materials, including drywall.
– Step-by-Step Guidance: Learn how to activate the Relative Measurement Mode and transform your Orion® meter into a reliable tool for drywall assessments.
– Baseline Measurements: Grasp the importance of obtaining a reference moisture reading and how it aids in making comparative evaluations throughout the material.

Top Tips for Ensuring Accurate Readings:
– Always be alert for tell-tale signs of moisture, such as discolorations, musty scents, or deteriorating drywall.
– Ensure you start by obtaining a reading from a known dry area, setting a clear benchmark for your subsequent readings.
– Consistent scans of the wall help in mapping areas with deviating moisture levels, directing you to spots that might demand immediate attention or further probing.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to protect and maintain your drywall by closely monitoring its moisture content, this video is your go-to guide. Equip yourself with the knowledge to use the Orion® moisture meter proficiently, ensuring your walls remain pristine and moisture-free.

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Last updated on July 1st, 2024

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