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One advantage to using the Rapid RH® for RH testing is that it makes meeting the ASTM standard easy to achieve. It’s about as simple as it can get. The [Rapid RH®] is user-friendly for specialists like myself, and also for non-consultant types of people like general contractors.
Bill Lepito

Why does in-situ relative humidity (RH) testing of the moisture in a concrete slab reliably predict how much moisture the finished floor will “see” after it’s installed?

Is there a scientific reason for performing the test at a specific depth? Watch this 2-minute video to learn why the science clearly points to the importance of conducting the RH test at 40% depth for a slab drying from one side.

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My job is to provide professional, thorough, accurate, impartial testing services. My obligation is to use what works – and Wagner [Rapid] RH® flat out works. And I trust them to work every time.
J.K. Nixon

The Rapid RH® L6 system, an enhanced version of the already popular Rapid RH system, consolidates many concrete moisture testing features into a simpler process while featuring advanced technology that makes reporting faster, easier, and more reliable, even in concrete slabs with a relative humidity of up to 100%.

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“The process behind the Rapid RH® is solid. We went to Rapid RH® because the accuracy is certified and it doesn’t need to acclimate past its initial point. We could stick [the sensor] in there, read it and trust it.”
– J.D. Grafton