TE-CX (SDS Plus) Imperial Masonry Drill Bit

USD $55.00

Knowing the importance of Rapid RH® assessment tools, masonry and concrete trade professionals rely on the TE-CX (SDS Plus) Imperial Masonry Drill Bit.

Product Description

Hammer drill bit TE-CX 3/4″-12″.

Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) hammer drill bit for anchor drilling into reinforced concrete (imperial).

  • Connection end: TE-C (SDS Plus)
  • Base material: Reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, masonry
  • Working mode: Hammer drilling


  • Drilling anchor holes in reinforced and unreinforced concrete
  • Drilling holes for post-installed rebar connections


  • New solid carbide head has high wear-resistance and makes more precise holes for anchor setting – up to 30% more lifetime than other SDS Plus drill bits
  • Solid carbide head featuring gradient technology – engineered to drill easily through rebar
  • Quadruple helix and optimum head geometry for consistently fast drilling speed over the entire life of the drill bit
  • Indicator mark – the bit is suitable for setting anchors as long as this mark is visible
  • In the unlikely event of breakage, the drill bit will be considered for replacement as long as the wear mark on the helix is still visible

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