Rapid RH® Training Certificate of Completion

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About the Rapid RH® Training Certificate of Completion


Please complete the following steps to receive your Rapid RH® Training Course Certificate of Completion.

  1. View the Rapid RH Training Videos here.
  2. Complete the Rapid RH Exam (sent to your email after purchase).
  3. Send completed exam to Wagner Meters via email, fax, or mail.

Fax: (541) 582-4138
Mail: 326 Pine Grove Road, Rogue River, OR 97537

NOTE: Viewing the Rapid RH Training Videos and a passing grade on the test are required in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. Wagner Meters will certify completion of the Rapid RH Training Course and passing the Rapid RH Test.

The Rapid RH design makes it the simplest concrete relative humidity test for anyone to use as well as the easiest for anyone to comply with ASTM F2170.

While the Rapid RH Training Course Certificate of Completion is not necessary to get fast, accurate results, Wagner Meters has made this available due to numerous requests.

Have questions? Give us a call: (541) 291-5123

Rapid RH® Training Course Certificate


2 reviews for Rapid RH® Training Certificate of Completion

  1. Scott Brown

    This is a good idea – It would be helpful if you were to include a Wallet Size Certification Card as well.
    Would you consider a Company Group rate?

    • Jason Spangler

      Great feedback, Scott! We’ll be sure to take that into consideration. Also, we’ll be in contact with you via email regarding your other inquiries.

  2. Arch. Mario Litvin

    Excellent, this way I don’t need to travel again to the USA to renew my cerificate. This travel costed me thousands of dollars.
    Thank you Jason.
    Best regards.

    From Israel

    • Jason Spangler


      Glad you are finding this useful. Keep in mind though, the certification you do when you come over to the US is more in-depth and is also hands-on. This definitely isn’t meant to take its place.

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