The New Floor Sentry® Embedded Data Logger Performs Long Term Internal Monitoring of Temperature and Relative Humidity in Wood Floors


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Rogue River, OR (January 31, 2023) –Wagner Meters, a market leader in wood and concrete moisture measurement instrumentation for more than 50 years, introduces a new temperature and relative humidity (RH) data logger that is embedded to the underside of a hardwood floor plank before installation. Combined with its ability to capture and store temperature and RH readings for months or years, the Floor Sentry will also send push alerts via Bluetooth® to a smart device when collected readings are beyond user-defined alarm thresholds.

The Floor Sentry is approximately the size of a credit card. It contains sensors on both sides of the device that respond to the RH and temperature of not only the wood flooring plank above but also the concrete slab subfloor or underlayment below. The Floor Sentry connects to the complementary Wagner Sentry app to download stored readings, configure alarm levels, set readings storage intervals, display collected readings in graph form, and more.

“The value of the Floor Sentry is essentially doubled by the nature of its permanence within the finished wood floor and its long term data logging capability,” said Jason Spangler, Flooring Division Manager for Wagner Meters. “On one hand, the flooring retailer or flooring installation contractor has a mechanism for effective protection against customer negligence. But on the other hand, here is another value-added item that the customer can use to proactively monitor and protect the health of their wood floor for years after installation.”

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