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FloorSmart™ App

for flooring installers

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The complimentary Wagner Meters FloorSmart™ app is designed with wood flooring installers in mind. The app connects your smart device to the Orion 950 Moisture Meter via Bluetooth® technology to receive and record data, set specifications for separate jobs, wood materials, and much more. To send readings from the Orion 950 to the FloorSmart app on your smart device, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device. The Orion 950 will automatically pair with your smart device when the power is on and the device is within Bluetooth range.
  2. Ensure that the DATA mode on the 950 is ON. Consult your Orion 950 manual for instructions.
  3. Open the FloorSmart app and enter a new job description or choose a current job to edit.
  4. Press the “Record” tab at the bottom left to access the “Record Readings” screen.
  5. Press the “Record” button at the top right to enable the app to record data from the Orion 950.
  6. Scan the target area with the Orion 950 and press the “ON/HOLD” button to send a reading to the FloorSmart app.

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