EasyCare CalCheck: The Smart Choice for Calibration Checks

Fairy Tale or Reality?

It’s time for your least favorite task…checking the calibration on your reusable relative humidity (RH) sensors. Instead of dreading the chore and putting it off like you usually do, you’re actually looking forward to it this time. That’s because every one of your reusable Rapid RH® 5.0 Smart Sensors has its own EasyCare CalCheck®, and you want to see if it really does take just seconds to check a sensor.

Carefully, you line up your 25 sensors on your bench. They look a bit intimidating sitting there in their storage racks. The sensors you’ve been using from another brand usually take 1-3 hours each to go through this process (that’s one of the reasons why you only have 5 of them). But if things go as claimed, processing all 25 of these Rapid RH sensors shouldn’t take more than 13 minutes!
Rapid RH L6 and 5.0 in Hand
You make sure that every sensor is still connected tightly to its EasyCare CalCheck, just the way you stored them after you finished that test job six weeks ago. Everything looks the same as when you put them away, so you know that each sensor is already equilibrated and ready to check. There’s no way you could have done this with your other sensors; just one of their calibration check chambers cost you $51, and it only checks one sensor at a time. To check all five at the same time would require five calibration check chambers…and, let’s see…five times $51 comes to…you wince and turn back to your new sensors.

With everything lined up, you insert the Bluetooth® Smart Reader into the sensor housing until it touches the contact pad. In seconds, the DataMaster™ 5.0 app displays and records ambient RH% and ambient temperature on your mobile device, along with a notice that the sensor is in compliance with ASTM F2170.

You glance at the wall clock…less than 30 seconds! Two…three…four…when you’re done with all 25 sensors, you realize that the entire process, including documentation, took less time than it took to do one sensor with your old equipment.

If you’ve been using reusable RH sensors lately, you might be inclined to discount this story as a fairy tale. However, it’s quite possible with the Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor.

This almost-miraculous time saving is due to a revolutionary design feature we call the EasyCare CalCheck, and it’s going to change the way you look at ASTM F2170 compliance for reusable RH sensors.

With conventional reusable RH sensors, checking calibration is a time-consuming and expensive process. The sensor is placed into a calibration check chamber, where it is exposed to vapors from a saturated salt solution, left to equilibrate, and then checked to see if the sensor reading is within the parameters specified in ASTM F2170. The equilibration process will generally take a minimum of one hour, and depending on several variables, can take as long as three hours.

The tester using reusable sensors faces a dilemma: either spend a lot of time checking sensors with a single chamber or spend a lot of money on multiple chambers ($50-$110 each). Even with multiple chambers, however, each sensor still takes at least an hour to equilibrate and read.

leapfrogging 5.0 rh sensors

When using reusable relative humidity (RH) sensors for concrete moisture testing, “leapfrogging” of the RH sensors is commonly done. But what exactly is leapfrogging? Watch this short video to find out…

With the introduction of the reusable Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor, testers can now have an accurate reusable sensor that not only costs less but thanks to the EasyCare CalCheck, also cuts those cal checks down from a 1-hour minimum to seconds per sensor.

As implied by its name, the EasyCare CalCheck has two functions: caring for the health of the sensor, and speedy cal checks.

The EasyCare CalCheck ensures that you get the maximum life possible from your Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor. When the testing job is done, simply set the sensor onto the EasyCare Calcheck. The base contains a consistent RH generator. A PTFE filter on top of the chamber keeps the liquid in, but lets vapor out, which keeps the RH of the air around the sensor element constant at 75% — the optimal environment for the health of the sensor.

The unique design of this consistent RH generator allows the use of any potable water–the system distills the water for you, simplifying the process of keeping your sensors healthy and accurate.

If the sensor has been stored properly, attached to the EasyCare CalCheck, equilibration times are not a factor in cal check times. Because the sensor is stored in a constant 75% RH environment, it is always equilibrated, and always ready for an instant cal check!

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To save you even more time, we’ve developed the Bluetooth Smart Reader and a mobile app — DataMaster 5.0. Just touch the Smart Reader to the sensor’s Touch-n-Sense™ contact pad. The Smart Reader powers up and transmits the reading to the DataMaster 5.0 app, which records and tracks calibration compliance data for your entire Rapid RH 5.0 sensor inventory. Also, the DataMaster 5.0 app allows for job-specific data recording and report generation.

RRH 5.0 EasyCare CalCheck TrayIt’s an unfortunate reality, but choosing to use reusable RH sensors means additional steps for compliance, which means a greater investment of time and money in each job. The innovative design of the Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor has reduced that investment to the lowest level possible.

The time savings alone is significant, but we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the low investment required to build an inventory of reusable sensors.

The EasyCare CalCheck, the DataMaster 5.0 app, and the Bluetooth Smart Reader combine with our extremely affordable pricing to give you:

  • reliable, amazingly accurate equipment at the lowest initial investment
  • the fastest, most innovative reusable sensor on the market
  • the easiest ASTM F2170 compliance possible in a reusable sensor

If reusable RH sensors are your choice, only the Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor has the EasyCare CalCheck — the innovative design that will save you both time and money.

Last updated on October 21st, 2021


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