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What Can the C555 Concrete Moisture Meter Do for You?

Our C555 concrete moisture meter is very effective in assessing the dryness in the top ½ inch of smooth concrete slabs. It is an easy, quick, and useful first step that you can take when evaluating a concrete slab that will be receiving some type of flooring finish.

Goodbye to the days of confusion, waste, or extra work, and hello to the days of saving effort, time, and money. When you’re assessing your concrete, you want an easy and nondestructive tool that will set you up for success.

The C555 does exactly that.

Not only is it easy to use, but it’s the only concrete moisture meter in the market that allows for in-field calibration. This makes it easier to meet the calibration requirements of ASTM F2659.

It also has built-in temperature and relative humidity sensors!

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When to Use a C555 Concrete Moisture Meter

The C555 is useful on a multitude of occasions.

When paired with the Rapid RH testing system by Wagner, the C555 is an excellent support to provide extra data and save time. In this case, the C555 should be used whenever you want to begin assessing a slab of concrete. This way, you can properly determine where to place your RH sensors.

While we truly believe that the C555 can best suit your needs when bundled with the Rapid RH system, here are some other times when you should use a C555:



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Using the C555 Concrete Moisture Meter with Rapid RH Sensors

The Rapid RH® in situ concrete RH testing system from Wagner Meters provides you with the easiest, fastest, and most reliable method for concrete moisture testing. It's fully compliant with ASTM F2170 and has wireless Bluetooth® technology to keep track of all data from each sensor. Use the C555 concrete moisture meter with the Rapid RH testing system to easily locate concrete hotspots and efficiently place your L6 Smart Sensors in the areas where they will be most effective.

The C555 identifies potential problem areas in concrete with high RH levels, enhancing the placement of Rapid RH sensors for accurate moisture measurement. Although surface concrete moisture meters are not intended for standalone quantitative analysis, the C555 facilitates preliminary evaluations to ½ inch below the surface, making it a valuable tool for optimizing sensor placement and ensuring precise in situ RH testing results. It's also ASTM F2659 compliant for non-destructive moisture evaluation, simplifying and improving the process of moisture determination in concrete.

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When Using a Concrete Moisture Meter,
Use the One That Is 2X More Accurate!

more accurate

Wagner Meters' C555 concrete moisture meter redefines accuracy in moisture measurement, delivering performance that is TWICE as precise as the nearest competitor.* With its advanced technology, the C555 offers unmatched speed and reliability, ensuring you get dependable results quickly and efficiently.

Choose the C555 for superior accuracy in every reading, making it the ultimate choice for professionals who demand the best.

*For the 9 commonly used concrete mix designs we tested, the C555's readings were significantly closer to oven-dry results than other leading meters.

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C555 Tips and Best Practices

Ensure accurate C555 readings by using it on flat surfaces for full sensor contact. If uncertain, smooth a small area of the concrete with sandpaper for scanning. The sensor, measuring 2 by 2.5 inches, requires just a small, flat area.

Keep in mind the C555 moisture range is 1% to 6.9% in the Standard Measurement mode.

Use the C555 in Relative Measurement mode to receive a comparative indication of moisture in materials other than concrete using a scale from 1 to 100.

Utilize the C555's alarm to get notified if moisture levels exceed set thresholds, adjustable from 0.0% to 6.9%.

For quick ambient readings, press "MODE" four times; the C555’s screen will toggle between temperature and humidity every 3.5 seconds.

The C555 comes with an on-demand calibrator for quick in-field meter calibration.

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